Cross River 2023: Ekpo Okon On The Move To Deputize Sandy  


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Cross River 2023: Ekpo Okon On The Move To Deputize Sandy


Story Written By Eniang Offiong, Calabar 


In 2019, the APC Fielded an Ejagham/Ejagham ticket. Will PDP do the same mistake in 2023?

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Despite his political accomplishments, Ntufam Ekpo Okon has refused to belong in the class where his contemporaries are.


Rather, for some hazy reasons, Ntufam Okon has chosen political self-immolation in the place of growth or how else does one situate burning ambition to run as Deputy Governorship candidate under Senator Sandy Onor?


Diminishing political career is exactly what it is. Recall that at a time Sandy was struggling to make a political debut as a council chairman, Okon was already a state Chairman of a national political party.

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What could be the driving factor for Ntufam Okon’s condescending Deputy governorship ambition under someone who could be considered his “boy” in politics? The Ejaghan ethnocentrism, perhaps!


In the Sandy- Okon laison, what you have is Ejagham-Ejagham ticket and in Okon we have a black sheep of the South. He won’t be missed!


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