Cross River APC Is At Crossroads; Anything Can Happen, Let No One Blame Buhari — Obi Ojage


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Cross River APC Is At Crossroads; Anything Can Happen, Let No One Blame Buhari — Obi Ojage


Quite recently, I had a phone call strangely from the state secretary of the newly elected state exco., of our great party the APC, barrister Bassey Mensah a very broadminded fellow, demanding to pay me a visit as one of the leaders of the party in the Southern senatorial districts comprising Calabar municipality, Calabar south, Odukpany, Akamkpa, Biase, and Akpabio local governments.


What I didn’t do before and after the visit was to have snapped with my visitors. It didn’t occur to me right away to pose for a snapshot with the members who came as an impromptu meeting which took place in my office here in calabar; as others did in similar situations.

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They had to show how important they’re or what such visit could make them become relevant again in the present dispensation where their previous air of exclusivity and bogus claims of being in control of affairs had evaporated all of a sudden. Some even entertained the exco members. But I told those who visited me the truth, the whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Which for me was more important.

WHY? Because the Governor Prof. Ben Ayade is not only intelligent and a mesmerizing dud, he knows how to deal or manoeuvre through hypocrites and those who prefer to be cunningly aversive driven by a hidden agenda buried in greed and selfishness, to have his way without let or hindrances. Today, I am been vindicated. More than eighty percent or so of those who make up the present State Exco of APC in Cross River are those whom the Governor defected with from the PDP to meet us here in the APC barely four months or so; ago.

GOVERNOR Ben Ayade of Cross river is more clever than some daydreamers who call themselves stakeholders in APC whom he came to join forces to further retain power for the benefit of our people..

And we the unaligned members of APC in the state will support his ingenuity except he decides to fail us. No body can successfully fight the one the Lord had enthroned. We are confident that the Angels of the Lord shall dislodge and expose those perpetrators of all forms of evil machinations amongst us and the embezzlers of our common patrimonies. As there lies our strength and vivacity.


POLITICS is about building structures. And structure is the people. If you haven’t the people with you or acknowledge their usefulness to be carried along, you can’t build a structure talk more of having one in place which is effective when the season of election commences.

And if you do not have the party’s structures at your disposal or be in the good books of those who do, you’re unlikely to win any election that has to do with the selection of aspirants to become candidates to fly the party’s flag in the major elections through the process of party primaries which has to be handled by those authorized to do so at different levels of the party’s structure.

The is where you’ll be forced to come face to face with those who man the structures in trust for the party. Except you’re exceptionally admirable and gregariously acceptable based on your past record of service to the people and philanthropy.

AYADE knew all that and has taken time to fashion his journey into APC. Which was why he decided to go along with his diehard supporters and those who moved with him based on the food on the table mantra all of whom he carried quietly from PDP where he was scathingly dislodged as if that was the end of the road for this ebullient Professor from Obudu.

Unfettered, he moved down to APC where he now seem to display his last laugh which is usually considered as the best lough to one worthy of his Onion.

THE bulk of these persons now constitute the nucleus of his present structure as we speak. There is absolutely nothing anyone call a stakeholder can do without a structure. Both the State Chairman and the Secretary including majority of chapters and Local Government Chairmen in APC today are all Ben Ayade’s men.

Not by means of Witchcraft, voodoo or physical force. But by being openly “smart and intelligently overwhelming” and too sophisticated for some of the so-called stakeholders who have been holding forth in APC unable to match his game of wit. What an incredulous display of guts and intrepidity for one who came limping with no hope in right.

FROM such fringe I consider myself more qualified as I am witty enough in prudence on the use of my time and foresighted to run even as president in this case as I would’ve handled issues of similar implications in a more dignifying manner than those calling themselves stakeholders in Cross river in the light of what had transpired.

Including those who were singlehandedly made Senators overnight from the blue’s by both Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke. Notwithstanding there is one in that Milieu who possesses all of that and he is in addition a vivacious team player. And we cannot afford a vacuum at this hour in the game. Cross river deserve the best. And that is our pledge to be set in motion soon in full throttle.

I AM going to prove that when I shall meet with President Mohammadu Buhari the Lord willing, (whom I must see before long however the task) being the person for whom it became compulsorily compelling on me to cross over to APC from PDP in the year of the Lord 2015, when I returned from my ordeal fully determined at this last part of my life to commit myself in the fight against falsehood wherever it raises its ugly head. And since then I have been engaged in the fight to correct the erroneous impression people have concerning the current President who is an ordained leader by the Lord of Host, not the gods, who is meant to effectively and conscionable absorb the devils deadly incursions into the development strives of this great nation after which there will rarely be one as tolerant, unassuming, less materialistic, selfless and highly dreaded by corrupt individuals like him.

MY works are there in the public domain for all to assess. I am not those who use their mouth to help themselves in Abuja through gossips and blackmail over those of us who sacrifice our time fervently, and thanklessly to do things for the sake of the children, growth of the party and the peaceful existence of the country which they can’t afford to do. Simply because they had once been privileged to become either ministers by default or Senators aided by a godfather. With their heart telling lies.

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THESE persons claimed to have structures on ground in APC yet they couldn’t defeat Ben Ayade while he was still in PDP. He has crossed over to meet us in APC the story remains the same. They had all claimed to be having structures. Where are the structures?

BEN Ayade came into the party some few months ago and had established his own structures made of the men he brought over from the PDP while these persons stayed beside and watch in bewilderment. And you say Ayade is a pushover. What makes him a pushover?

When I openly drew the attention of the so-called stakeholders in an article I wrote where I complained bitterly about the different maneuverings of the Governor’s men I saw in their trojan composition and intrusion for a complete takeover from the old members who had been there. And I considered such moves as immoral.

That it was capable of killing their zeal as a great disadvantage to such members who have been having their minds set on the various party offices they had hoped to occupy for which reasons they decided to stay glued to the party even when it had crises, there were those who kept the faith.

THEREFORE, to push these lots aside wouldn’t be good for the party. And in addition to that, I did advised that the Governor should graciously dissolve his entire State Executive Council and drop those who have stayed for more than four years in office as commissioners, Head of service and so on, since they were not elected to that positions but appointed. It is traditional that they should go for new hands to take charge. Such moves by the Governor, I opined would show sincerity on the part of government and inspire confidence on both sides by his bringing in those who are qualified from the old members on board to occupy those positions for equity and fair play. Which would also act as a palliative. I did so innocently and with good intentions through an elaborate and painstaking article I wrote on my platform on social media. But they all condemned my outbursts instead, and were accusing me of trying to create disaffection and all of that. Today my predictions have all come to stay.


THESE big men so-called who show indifference to the plights of the trodden masses were very excited to be called stakeholders and asked to sit on the high table in Perigrino Hall with the Governor. And they made sure none of those they didn’t want to see were invited including me. I wasn’t invited for fear that I may likely demand for the microphone to speak my mind. And perhaps steal the show. Their show. You would see them falling over each other posing and bantering just to show the Governor how ready they’re to work with him.

And never for once had they cared to engage the Governor over the plights of their supporters most of who have stayed all along under the weight of an endemic rift burn out of greed in a ruling party they had great expectations which were kept on hold as the faction persisted. And their lives and hopes became rekindled the moment Ayade moved in as the Governor under the party. They all sang Alleluia hoping something was going to give.

But all that has been in vain. Today as we speak, there are discordances all over the places on the part of these strange bed fellows with chasm in between them who are now back to the trenches pretending everything is fine. “For where”, like the Yoruba man would exclaim, otio!

GOVERNOR Ben Ayade is still working. And we must all encourage him to be unrelenting.

COME to think of it, bet for the money and few houses they now own in Abuja what else can these persons boast of having in life worthy of note than myself? Everything about their politics were done before my own eyes. And with my imputes for those of them who had their political birth in PDP. If I had said anything untowardly evil about them to Duke, as they go about doing against me now, would any of them have gotten to the positions they’d attained today?

Because ninety percent of all what most of them own today, were from politics. They hadn’t the cloud nor capacities to be anything politically. I challenge any of them to come and talk to me on a debate either on television or anywhere they so chose.

THEY go about in conspiracy against those in the party whose presence they feel threatened. They did so in my case where they had to align with members of the State Caretaker Committee through one Senator Matthew Mbu, the Committee Chairman to shortchanged my name with that of those who had nothing to vie for at the National convention of our party coming up in December this year. That was done after I had revealed to both Mbu and the State Secretary, Dr. Ntete Duke earlier of my intention to contest for the position of National Publicity Secretary from the State.

These unarguably must have arouse the jealous instincts of Mbu who had earlier in the year, vowed to stop me as far as he is concern as Caretaker Chairman. He refused to invite me to important party meetings which I was entitled to attend as one of the party leaders in the state simply because I had once written to question how his committee burgled our chances of wining the senatorial by-election in the northern senatorial district recently. When we paraded a good and sellable candidate in the person of Barrister Joe Agi (SAN). The huge amount of money sent for the election allegedly ended in peoples pockets and we lost. He has now carried out his vengeance.

THE placement of names of delegates to the National convention was supposed to be through a consensual arrangement amongst senior members of the party in their various chapters particularly those who have indicated intentions to contest for position at the convention. And such were supposed to be made open. But they got names written behind me a day to the chapter convention without my knowledge. And those whose names they had in place of my name were persons who are not my match or standing politically in the chapter, as a former Federal appointee which I am.

Beside, I am an aspirant for an office in that convention known to the party whose name would’ve been automatically inserted preferentially. But I was not consulted nor given a slot as of right even though I was present and sited on the high table during the chapter convention proper. All that were done behind me.

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THE question to ask is this: “why would a serious party drop the name of a highly committed and a widely acknowledged launderer of the image of the current President and leader of the party, Mohammadu Buhari like myself from attending a convention or party gatherings as such level where those like me who have exhibited such uncommon commitment were supposed to converge even if they were not contesting for office, but just to have the fill as delegates where stocks are to be taken and remarks are made to applaud those who’ve been keeping the faith”?

AND I ask once again, what would they achieve doing that to me if my presence was never a threats to them?. Because I seek to contest the position on merit as one who has sacrificed much using my time, resources and platform on social media to propagate the party and in defense of Mr. President who is the leader of the party. My success would be to the advantage of the state. For sure this wouldn’t have happened to a Yoruba person of my standing and dexterity. And for the contributions I have made so far to the growth and enlightenment of the party in the areas of my professional competence. But this could only happen in Cross River where everybody seems to act like witches and wizards who abhors progress and stands against illuminance.

WHEN I gave a Press Conference to highlight the anomaly, and had written a petition to that effect, Senator Mathew Mbu quickly debunked the list of Delegates published in a press release which copies I have, saying they were not authentic. This was done just to deceive the unsuspecting public and to slow down my next action as the victim while they sneakingly sent the list still without my name in it; to Abuja all in an attempt to scuttle my ambition. Human devils. I can’t imagine how the likes of Mbu performed in the Senate at the time he was there? It is appalling. With people like Senator Matthew Mbu in the Nigerian Senate, I would forever not desire to be a Senator nor regard those coming from there as worthy of my notice. A Senator!

THEY deliberately ignored all that out of jealousy, pettiness and wickedness just to make sure I do not excel in a party in which I have done more than most. And these came to meet me in the party. As if they were the Lord. Or they know what tomorrow holds for this country? I have been advised to go to court. But I am still studying the situation whether or not that would serve the purpose. After all, I did withdrew my earlier petition regarding the sham Ward Congresses on my own for peace to reign in the party. But these people’s are Devils, being desperate over nothing. What they see and glorify as their value, I abhor. So they rarely exist in my world.

I RECENTLY spoke with the National Secretary APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, Sen. (Dr.) John Akpan Udoedeghe, about the issue and he advised me to report that to my Governor after which I should come back to him with what the governor would’ve decided. I had approached the Governor Ben Ayade who sent me a text message last month where he asked me to urgently see and discuss the issues with his Chief of staff. He used the word “urgently”. And I thought the Chief of Staff would respect that when I stated it in the Governor’s exact words with emphasis on the word “Urgently”, on a short message I sent to him.

But he has refused blatantly to see me. I have been to his office several times without being able to see him. I have sent a text message again to His Excellency the Governor to that effect hoping he would do something about my matter. I hope he does.

THE worse part of it is that these persons especially the So-called Senator Mathew Mbu and others who were calling the shorts were brought into the party from outside to meet us, few months before the coming of the Governor into the party. He has no stake whatsoever. He was made to head the Caretaker Committee by those who thought they could use him but he equally failed them. And was instead working for the interest of Ayade. He sidelined the party State Secretary, Dr. Ntete Bassey Duke (a very descent and committed man who is a highly trained Medical Doctor) completely.

Dr. Duke was supposed to handle all correspondence by the mandate given to them to run the entire activities as the State Secretary with his signatory into every document meant for authentication. But Mbu will not allow that. He usurps and destroys. Evil people never reflect. They’re sink into their evilness and do not sleep.

WHEN I was appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Radio cooperation of Nigeria (FRCN) in Abuja on merit after our victory in the Governorship race with the former Governor Mr. Donald Duke, by president Olusegun Obasanjo in the year of the Lord 1999, most of these persons had not joined politics or PDP talk more of becoming anything politically. I didn’t muscle anyone, or sit in judgment over people’s matters nor claimed control of the words or chapter to exert authority which I would have done as one of Donald Duke’s confidant especially in the municipality where I hail from. Now they want to stop me. All because they become Senators from being helped by Duke and Imoke.

THEY do not know what it entails to build up a party. All they know is to go ahead in the night to beg to be given elective or appointive positions without any contributions or sacrifices to show.

THAT is why instead of protecting the men and structure in APC which they had almost destroyed through factions and in fighting for supremacy, they all were busy dancing around Governor Ben Ayade, knowing how smart this man is, hoping to see who amongst them would be chosen as his favourite, neglecting the plight of those of their supporters on whose back and support they pride themselves of “stakeholding”. Which is all about self.

THEY completely allowed those who have been giving them the strength to talk in Abuja, whom they call their supporters, at the mercy of those the Governor brought with him from PDP to take over the entire party structure while they stand beside and watch in bewilderment. What a political wickedness for those who have benefited so much from the system with nothing to show for it in terms of their changing the circumstances of those who have contributed to what they’re now political and economically except for the peanuts they through around for subsistence to those who go to them on bended Knees.

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EACH time attention were been drawn to their indolence and nonchalance, they’ll tell you that the National body of the party in Abuja have handed the party over to Ayade: Lies!

NOBODY bequeathed the party to Ben Ayade. He was barely handed the flag as a symbols of authority and initiation.

However, as Governor of the state now under APC, he automatically becomes by virtue of his position as Governor, the leader of the party. It’s common sense. And that gives the party a more solid grounds on which to operate haven’t now had a Governor who can shoulder some responsibilities with all the Executive powers he Wills.

To will things including resources to do those things only a Governor can do easily in the immediacy.

NOBODY at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja said Ayade should be given or handed over an already established structures of the party in the state that was held forth and nurtured by those who’ve been in the party before the coming in of the Governor into its fold. And neither was the Governor in his thinking ever thought of that himself as one with conscience. Am sure of that.

At worst he would’ve accepted what the stakeholders would’ve jointly agreed to, to avoid having the same experiences he had with his previous party the PDP.

GOVERNOR Ayade, even though I haven’t met with him, to me he seems dispassionate, and one who loves himself deeply and takes risk. And he doesn’t look like a trouble maker or one who despises if there are reasons for his cohabiting. He is only exhibiting his talent and skills which he flaunts at every given occasion as a young man to justify his professorship or academic attainments which to him is more worthy, and comes handy before politics.

WHICH was why he took the entire stakeholders to an open discussions before the Camera’s to discuss the issues on three different occasions or so; where the both parties were to agree on a common formula of sharing party positions amicably on all grounds. “How could one man had manipulated a bunch of older folks, most of whom were far his senior in age, who’ve been in the game at the level of being called Senators, high chief’s and so on; if not for greedy sake, covetousness and self opinionativeness?” Some of them we were told were given brown envelopes full of cash. While some were made to sit on the high table for the first time with the Governor and one whom they often refer to; or described behind his back as being so “childish, unstable, a blatant lier and a thief”- whom they do accused of destroying all the legacies both Donald Duke and Imoke had left behind. These are Hypocrites! Worthy to be feared.

THEY call themselves political stakeholders. Holding stake for who, over what and who made them one?

THEY did so because they do not know what it takes to build a viable and strong political party from scratch that can win an election which involves men. The emphasis here is on the party supporters. It is men that makes up a political party not wooden creatures. If you ignore the men or what you call supporters, you’ll fail. And they’ve failed. Ayade is fully in charge. Because he knew the value of a supporter and he took his supporters along with him. They moved with him and grabbed everything on sight. There is nothing any so-called stakeholders can do about it.

I THEREFORE urge those aggrieved persons to exercise restrain not to bother going to court nor indulge in factions. Its serves no useful purpose. These party as it is now constituted are insensitive to all of that. They should rather join us the none aligned members and give support to the Governor and the new party structures in place. He is the Governor and head of our party in the state. We should support him for effective service delivery of his dreams for the state under APC. Those aggrieved should equally forget about those so-called today’s big men based in Abuja who had abandoned them to their fate knowing fully well that they won’t be able to withstand the Governor’s men who came with money and authority as political appointee’s backed by the consensual arrangement agreed to by the ones they had handed their mandate to negotiate the path on their behalf. They’ve failed.

THE only huddle I foresee here for Ayade going forward is that which may occur if the Governor should decide to bring in or suggest some one as a candidate for the party’s governorship position against one we consider competent. As one who had worked for the party. Somebody who is seasoned, liked by the grassroot and is admirable. As one who is willing to commit resources to facilitate the completion of all the on going projects which may have been left behind eventually by the outgoing administration of the current government. Such person should also be one adversed to stealing and who is given to prudent management of our state lean resources. And should be a person with a mind of his own.

OTHERWISE we shall rise up and lead a delegation to see Mr. President in Abuja. This time to fight as the true stakeholders for the people’s right and not as opportunist holding forth for themselves. We shall do so to avoid what happened in Anambra elections few days ago.

MEANWHILE I have placed a curse as a Prophet in the eyes of the Lord. Not as the traditional Church prophets. That the Lord who brought me back to life from my ordeal to continue in politics where I have long paid my dues and made my mark. And whom I serve diligently and do also propagate by series of revelation in my writings concerning the deep things of the Lord attest to by my numerous audiences across the world, will certainly give those who stand on my way over that which I seek on merit, to the devil to be punished. NO doubt about that. Vergence is of the Lord. That’s all I have to say.

End Time Message!



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