Cross River PDP Crisis: 14 Out 18 Council Chairmen To Decamp With Governor Ben Ayade To APC


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Cross River PDP Crisis: 14 Out 18 Council Chairmen To Decamp With Governor Ben Ayade To APC



Weetalknaija (WTN) has learned that 14 of the state’s 18 LGA chairmen and 162 of the state’s 196 councilors are loyal to Governor Ayade and have vowed to follow him if he joins another political party.

Following the meeting with the party’s NWC, the LGA chairmen and councilors informed the NWC that the only way to prevent defection is to hold new open congresses at all levels of government in the state.

Mr. Effiong, the chairman of the Calabar Municipal Council, reportedly told Ijom Times after a meeting with the NWC that the Calabar Municipal Council demanded a new state congress to guarantee the return of party structures to Governor Ayade, but the NWC does not appear to dance to the tone of the Governor and his supporters, so any decisions taken by the Governor would be void. The Chairmen would support him because they are loyal to Ayade.

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He said: “The governor is the leader of the party in the state. He should be granted command of the party’s institutions, which can only be accomplished by a new congress. We are calling for a new Congress.

If not, we will accompany the governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, wherever he goes. He is the party’s leader in the state.”

The commissioner for media, Asu Okang, posted on his Facebook page on April 16th, “The Big Explosion Coming Soon,” prompting many political analysts to interpret the post as Ayade’s defection to the ruling party.
Sen. Ayade, who is on the fence about staying in the party, has declined to say whether he will stay or not, according to Ijom Times.

During the visit of Bauchi Governor Alhaji Bala Mohammed to Cross River in March 2021, Ayade made a series of outbursts. Ayade took advantage of the opportunity to lash out at the PDP’s national leadership for what he called injustices against him.

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According to him, the party has declined to “hand over the party structures to him after leading it to a good outing in the 2019 general election,” and has therefore frowned on attempts by some external powers to create problems and disunity within the party. If the national PDP leadership does not retrace their steps, he has threatened to take drastic action that may not bode well for the party.

“I’ve always played politics with ethics, but over time, I’ve learned that ethical politics is misunderstood as weakness,” he said. The time has come for us to stand firm and make a decision that will benefit their mutual well-being.”

”I cannot choose to ignore PDP’s challenges and decide not to know what to do at the appropriate time for their sake. So please take this as a strong note. “I am a very intelligent person, but I am humble. They will see a new Cross River State as a result of a single injustice. It appears that your party (PDP) celebrates people who challenge and stress them, so I say it as a note. I’m sitting on the fence today, dancing.”

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“With the exception of one, all of the councilors, chairmen, commissioners, House of Representatives members, and Senators are PDP members, and they are all under my leadership in the elections. So, no one can discuss what systems and strategy I need right now,” he says, adding that “the time has come for all of us to meet and say enough is enough.”

Ayade cross carpet is just a matter of time, according to a close source close to the Governor, who is waiting for President Buhari’s return before making it official.


Cross River PDP Crisis: 14 Out 18 Council Chairmen To Decamp With Governor Ben Ayade To APC


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