Cross River PDP Crisis: Group Blasts 7-Alive For Creating More Problems For Ayade, Instead of Solution


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Cross River PDP Crisis: Group Blasts 7-Alive For Creating More Problems For Ayade, Instead of Solution



The attention of the Renaissance community of the Cross River Southern Senatorial district, a body made up of young people, women and vibrant PDP stakeholders from the seven local government areas that make up the state’s southern senatorial district, observes with dismay the recent letter to the NWC of our PDP party, by the 7Alive group alleging disrespect and disregard by some National Assembly members.

We hereby wish to state that the group is crying wolf where none exists as His Excellency Gov. Ben Ayade has enjoyed immense support and cooperation, a broader spectrum of party members and leaders at state and national level, from the entirety of members of the national assembly.
For example, the Governor was given the freedom to appoint and sponsor candidates for different offices in the state, the NWC or members of the national assembly during the run up to the 2019 elections, during or after the election, never raised a finger or questioned the governor.

Secondly, Gov Ayade was in complete charge of the party structure and machinery that he and his wife used exclusively in selecting candidates as chairmen for 18 local government areas, councilors and other officials without any opposition from the NWC or members of the National Assembly in the recently concluded local government elections in the state. It was largely the Governor’s and his wife’s exclusive reserve.
Even the option of commissioners to serve in his cabinet was the sole prerogative of the governor as party chief, the party leadership at the national level and the state representatives of the national assembly did not challenge his decisions.

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Let us also remind the writers of this letter that the governor also enjoyed the right to replace spouses of deceased members of the state house of assembly without any resistance and opposition from the NWC, national assembly members or any party stakeholder to such undemocratic party practice and decision in the exercise of his powers as leader of the party in the state. It is on record that none of the members of the national assembly endorsed any candidate for any political office, all were the decisions of the governor as the state party chief, and all and all respected and supported his choices.

At all times, the members of the National Assembly maintained dignified silence even in the face of provocation, injustice, the governor’s snobby manner in taking decisions on party matters without due consultation, as was the pattern alluded to in their disgusting letter in the previous two administrations.
The recent outburst of the 7 Alive party, an organization founded by High Chief Asuquo Ekpenyong, a Calabar-based business mogul, has become a politician with the sole objective of promoting his son’s 2023 governorship ambition, who now serves as finance commissioner under Gov Ayade, is believed to be the reason behind this outburst. It is worth noting that this party has no recognised democratic meaning, but a mere grouping of like minds and political workers and opportunists whose sole purpose is to corner Gov Ayade’s political favours.

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The PDP has always given its aggrieved members the right to express their opinions as a party that prides itself on strong democratic credentials. However, in view of these party members, they are entitled to seek redress in a court of law in any matter they consider to have been a violation of their rights as party members.

In addition, we note with delight that the party’s NWC, ably led by Uche Secondus, never interfered with any problem of the state party.

This group’s recent ranting is coming a little too late and can be characterized as comical to a large degree in the sense that it is illogical and can not gain any sympathy. Regrettably, following the decision of the apex court to accept the delegate lists that emerged long ago from the party congress, the hands of the NWC are tied.

From our position, the group’s recent position largely stems from its weak advice given to His Excellency on modalities for state party management. It is now clear that their tactics and patterns in the management of party affairs have failed to create continuity and unity of the party, hence the decision to retrace and follow more effective and systematic patterns in the management of party affairs.

After misleading the governor with retrogressive advice, the community now senses that the party structure has been stripped from them and now resorts to blackmail.
We, the Renaissance group, are thoroughly opposed by this dissatisfied group within our party to this sheepish call.
As 2023 beacons, His Excellency now accepts the misadventure and treacherous intentions of this group’s leadership, which was responsible for the strategy of divide and rule that defined state party management and power.

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However, we are pleased and want to record that the governor is currently enjoying good ties with the members of the national assembly, so we urge the 7Alive party to refrain from further fanning the embers of disunity, crisis and bad blood within the PDP in the state and antagonizing the NWC properly led by Uche Secondus; there is no tension between the members of the national assembly and the PDP in the state;

The 7Alive community should not heat up the political room, but should join hands as one strong family with his Excellency and other major stakeholders to restore the party and guarantee greater unity, solidarity and power in the PDP.
In the renewed vigour to revitalize the party in the state, we use this medium to reaffirm our unalloyed support and allegiance to the NWC of our party, the PDP, His Excellency the Governor and all stakeholders of our great party.
The PDP Long Live!!!
Long for our national president!!
Long CRS Live!!

Hon Ikoh Enebiene.
The chairperson.
Effiom Henshaw the Elder
Clerk. Secretary.


Cross River PDP Crisis: Group Blasts 7-Alive For Creating More Problems For Ayade, Instead of Solution



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