Cross River State debts: The facts


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Cross River State debts: The facts

1. From May 29, 2015 to date. CRS has not taken and utilized any commercial loan. We dare Mr Jalingo to counter this, in his counter he should state any bank with a running commercial loan facility taken by the Ayade administration, he should give verifiable details in his response.

2. Why has Mr Jalingo failed to mention the verifiable fact that the Ayade Administration has paid down in excess of N85 Billion as debt repayment of inherited loans over the past 4 years?
We ask Mr Jalingo to counter this fact.

3. The procedures to obtain a domestic or an external loan requires a state to get clearance from the Debt Management Office. Without this clearance no lender, both domestic or foreign will lend any state. Therefore, It is easy to verify if CRS under this administration incurred an external debt of $53M. This is false once again. Mr Jalingo should state his source, the external lender and other verifiable details to the $53M loan taken by this administration.

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4. Mr Jalingo states that LG have been credited allocations directly. The fact is No Local Government in Nigeria was credited with their monthly allocation directly. All allocations were credited to the JAAC Account as it has been done over the last decade. The delay in LG salary is straight forward, the LG have been asked to reconcile their nominal payrolls and pay their employees directly in compliance with the new policy. We dare Mr Jalingo to state one LG in Nigeria that received direct allocation lodgment last month.

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5. Mr Jalingo states that Paris Club Refund of N6.1Bn was paid in May 2019. This is an outright lie. CRS was never paid any Paris club refund in 2019. Once again we dare Mr Jalingo to show verifiable details of CRS receipt of Paris club refund.

The general public should note that all the facts given here are easily verifiable information from Federal Agencies such as the Federal Ministry of Finance or the Debt Managment Office.

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However, Mr Jalingo who claims to be a journalist has displayed none of the tenets of journalism where a source is quoted or even the administration contacted for verification.
Where is the journalistic integrity?

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Mr Jalingo is deliberately fabricating lies, and purposely misinforming the general public with a view to incite the people against the State Government solely for his personal gain.

Mr Jalingo’s current campaign of blackmail is simple, he asked for financial favors and was refused.
Mr Jalingo should counter all the facts raised in the 4 bullet points above, he should do so with verifiable evidence to the contrary.

As he fails to do so because he is unable to make truth a lie, it is important to note that Mr Jalingo has lost any semblance of integrity in perpetuity and should be disregarded as a journalist and recognized as a mercenary for cheap hire.

– Emmanuel Ulayi


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