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Cross River Youngest Commissioner : They Said You Can’t Do It

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Dr Betta Edu
Dr Betta Edu

Cross River Youngest Commissioner : They Said You Can’t Do It.

The youngest commissioner in the history of Cross River State is significantly older than Sobhuza II who was saddled with political responsibilities in Swaziland when he was only 4 months old. He remained relevant, active and in the limelight till he died at 82 years old.

This article is crafted for the young and adjudged greenhorns among the newly yet to be assign portfolios commissioners in Cross River State.

The opportunity gifted to you has made or marred a lot of young people before you. To which of the groups will you belong? Those who failed because of their young age, or those who succeeded despite their age. Have you gotten to your peak or you have just begun?

To the Governor, Sir Ben Ayade, I must commend you for this huge opportunity given to Dr Betta Edu, haven known her capacity, Betta Edu is one lady with outstanding ingredients, she knows what is good for the state, Betta Edu is one lady I have had encountered with that can spend her hard-earn resources just for mankind and humanity. She’s good!

As a committed and patriotic citizen, I have carefully studied Betta Edu and I found out that she have got all the requirements, qualities, qualifications and criteria to run any ministry that will be assign to her.


The reality is that you are now our honorable commissioner. And for now, we are proud of you. Congratulations!

Cross Riverians are not expecting miracles from you. I know you can’t know everything. Nobody does. Yet, I know you will definitely change the narrative, I had all seen your immense efforts and contributions to the health sector in the Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency.

Haven served as the Director General of Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency (CRSPHDA), you did not only set a standard, but you left a meaningful and a positive legacy that would definitely takes a space of time to be filled. But one thing is certain, you can’t give what you don’t have. Even for those, among you, who are rated high, they can’t know it all. But in all, do your possible best to make Cross Riverians proud of you.

Do not underrate the civil servants in your ministries: from the permanent Secretary to the clerk. Take it or leave it, they know more than you do, as far as the ministry is concerned. Meet them. It won’t do you any harm if you sit with them in batches to get the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in actualizing your mandate. Do it!

While doing that, identify stakeholders outside your ministry. Cluster them in groups if you have to. Meet with them. Get the ideal place where your ministry is supposed to be, consider the facilitating and mitigating factors. Deliberate on how to weaken the mitigating factors and how to enhance the facilitating factors. Highlight the steps and sequence them. Act in accordance to the plan and deviate when and if necessary. Open your minds!

Consult wide! Some had played this game before you and they did well. Talk to them, if you have to. Remove the barriers. Beam your searchlights into the tertiary institutions. There are busy heads and inquisitive brains on those campuses. Some of them will be useful to you, I bet you. Professorship isn’t a joke, anywhere. Whoever tells you lecturers are not worth it, take his/her advice with a pinch of salt.

You will not be doing bad if you have a Think-tank made up of few knowledgeable individuals who are experts in the field of your ministry. Bring them together. Share your policies with them and let them share their thoughts.

Be prudent money managers because what goes around comes around. Those who are trapped in the net today were also once in revered offices. They were also congratulated and celebrated. Some people are wary of holding political positions because of their fathers’ names. Keep yours too.

You need to prove the naysayers wrong. We your supporters need to be proud of you and your ‘appointer’ needs to be vindicated. You need to respect people and don’t regard or see them as distractors. At your own free time, pick their phone calls, reply their text messages.

Lastly, if you take every piece of advice without your own input, it isn’t good. If you don’t take any advice, too bad. Do not be dogmatic. I wish you the best.

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