Daddy Did It With Me For Five Years – A Nigerian Lady Rejoices After Finishing Her Final Exams With Her Father [Video+Photos]

Daddy Did It With Me For Five Years – A Nigerian Lady Rejoices After Finishing Her Final Exams With Her Father [Video+Photos]


After she and her father, who has been her classmate for five years, finished their final examinations, a young Nigerian lady took to social media to express her joy.

Both the father and the daughter were law students at the same school.

She wrote on her Twitter page about how strange it was to be in the same class as her father, but that it was a wonderful experience.

After their last paper, she posted the video from their signing out ceremony and wrote:

“What he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This person!!!
I recall the first time he told me he was going to be in my class and how well we fought! I cried, omo! It was terrible enough that I was studying so close to home; now I had to deal with my own father.
Every time he was asked a question, he would begin by introducing me, as if the earth might open up and swallow me whole. Then I transformed into the girl whose father was in her class. Every day, he would leave work and come to class. I’m in big trouble if I’m even a minute late.
He had previously seen my results. He pays my fees first, and then his. There are so many things to share, such as how he was sick and couldn’t walk for days, or how he stood by me when I believed I was going to be suspended from school.
Thank you, God, for my father. This man is pleased with me!
And I am pleased with him!
But this man provided me advantages; my residence was only 5 minutes from school, and he taught me how to drive and gave me my own automobile! He declared, “I want my daughter to have everything I had!” The melodrama!!!!!
If E had stayed small, he would have slapped me, so I must meet him every morning when I arrive to class. Mehnn!!!! People have told me that their parents attend school with them, although not in the same class. I did that for five years. I was able to keep it in for 5 years!!!!!
I was so angry at moments, but this ending scene made it all worthwhile. Daddy, you won’t see this, but thank you.
Boys couldn’t even talk to me at my school, as you can imagine!!!!!! He was a force to be reckoned with! I’m not sure how I did it.
Because of him, I received special attention. I was graced by his presence. Both the father and the daughter are barristers!!! DADDY!

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Should I also note that it is a private university, as the prices were exorbitant? I paid over a million dollars twice and never owing a penny!!!!! I never went without anything. He never put any pressure on me. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you.”
Watch the following video:

Check out the video below.


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