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An Average Hausa or Fulani Will Never Support An Igbo Presidency — Elempe Tells David Umahi

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An Average Hausa or Fulani Will Never Support An Igbo Presidency — Elempe Dele Tells David Umahi



When David Umahi hinted the media he was Cross-carpeting to APC from PDP, the party that gifted him ticket for two terms, I sensed he didn’t come to people as a surprise. He was a spy in PDP who loved Buhari, and in extension, APC. He sees Buhari as an alternative God and worship him even in his gross failure. His actions in PDP have been reckless, driving narratives capable of causing chaos within the party. I have listened to him talk on thematic issues and contempory politics, he never came to me as an intelligent person nor a party man. He had been courting the friendship of Buhari for a very long while. He supports the president’s redondancy with rapt attention and smiles from ear to ear whenever he meets the president as one smiles in meeting a saviour.

However, what I could say surprised political watchers as well as PDP members is the reason for his defection. He claimed he defected to APC as a sign of protest against PDP for marginalization of his region(South East) having never been considered for presidency. This his myopic excuse is nothing but an Alternative Fact. Alternative Fact are blatant lies as truth don’t have alternatives. How could David Umahi face the press, Nigerians and the world to spill out this sort of excuse for leaving the party that gave him two terms and a base to launch a presidential bid if he so wish?

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No government has so marginalized the South East as the APC government led by his thin god, Buhari. If Umahi is a student of history, he should have recalled that Buhari mentioned in an international media chart after his first election that he would consider 97% to 5% in favour of the zone that voted for him. And from facts, the South East gave him the least votes during the election. Secondly, in the last keenly contested election, PDP gave the South East the vice president’s slot in the person of Peter Obi; the closest the zone had gotten in recent times. I can’t recall Buhari’s APC doing that now or in the nearest future. So what exactly is this man saying from the excesses of his mind?

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Let David Umahi know, since he does seem to be aware of the political climate of the country, that an average Hausa or Fulani will never vote for an Igbo(Nyamiri) presidency. They have never been comfortable with them politically. In fact they are their soft targets anytime there is social unrest in the north or need for a pogrom. This is a history fact. And the Yorubas too, another APC strong hold (although weakening down) will never support an Igbo presidency. So I can’t fathom where exactly David Umahi is turning to in APC to be ‘demarginalized.’

It is no longer necessary to reel out names of those who had decamped to APC from PDP and got their fingers burnt and are back to where they should not have left.

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What I do know is at some point in life, some politicians effectively bury their ambitions in rubbles never to rise again after hitting the peak. David Umahi’s ambition going to hit the rocks after his term in office is over. And his excuse, so empty, is a calculated attempt to misinform the public. Umahi would have been among those championing restructuring so that he can likely become the Governor General of the South East if he plays his cards well because to become the president of Nigeria will be as difficult as forcing an elephant into a pigeon hole.

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