We Married on Saturday And Divorced on Sunday After I Discovered The Source Of His Money




I grew up living a life that might be called a rough life. My name is Amanda. When I was only 9 years old, my mom split from my dad, and my dad, who was a busy guy, had little or no time for me. He chose not to get another wife for some reason, and he employed a maid who educated me and brought me up.
Whenever I face any challenges as a girl, I usually run to my friend’s mom for advice. I hate the maid because she had an affair with my dad.

The incorrect advice that initiated it

She typically tells me, right from my teenage years, that money is all in a guy. With the mindset of chasing after money and how to empty a man’s wallet, I grew up. It was a simple job thanks to my stunning and irresistible looks.

How I met up with Mike

I left my dad to live with my boyfriend when I was 23, I ate him until he was broken, I used his money to open a boutique he didn’t know about. I left him and pursued a wealthy man named Mike when I learned he was broke. He was close to his fifties, but I didn’t mind, I was watching him eating him dry.

The Wedding

He proposed to me along the line, and I agreed simply because I wanted to eat more of his cash. I was surprised that none of his family members attended, I didn’t meet or see any of his family members, but I didn’t care because I was blinded by money. The wedding was successful.

The first night of ours

He took me to his mansion after the wedding that Saturday night. I went to sleep after we finished enjoying ourselves. I knew that I had sinned a lot, but I never knew that God still loves me. When I heard a voice calling my name, I was sleeping. The voice was so loud and audible that it sounded like a speaker. I woke up immediately and I was shocked to see that my husband wasn’t with me in the bed at about 2 am.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I found that the room was just filled with a weird odor immediately, it was so awkward that I had to run out of the room, it smelled like a dead rat mixed with rotten eggs.

Discovering the facts

I saw my husband in the parlor putting on a strange red gown with candles and frightening things everywhere as soon as I ran out of the bed. It was someone he was talking to, but I couldn’t see that guy, I could only hear him. I saw him holding my underwear, and he picked it up, and suddenly the underwear vanished into thin air.

The sentence of death

The individual told him the ritual was almost complete, all he had to do was call my name three times, and I was going to be dead by morning. The individual told him that it would triple the money in his account.

The Godly Interference

I was so frightened to my bones when I heard this, the only person I could remember then was God and I began to pray and cry in my mind, pleading with God to save me. He shouted my name twice, and I was still praying. Immediately, the third time I saw a blinding bright light with a cross in the middle, it was so bright that I had to close my eyes, he called it.


The odd voice, the strange voice

I saw Mike lying unconscious on the floor when I opened my eyes, but he was still breathing. When I heard a bold voice asking me to run, I still tried to pound on what I had just seen with my eyes. It was still late at night, but I didn’t mind, I was running as hard as I could, and I forgot I was still wearing my night wear.


The peculiar man, the unusual man

I just took my phone with me, and I was hoping to find a hotel where I could spend the night. A man from nowhere grabbed my hand as I was running, I was scared but he told me to be calm and I felt peace instantly, he told me that God gave me a second chance because he still loves me.

Mike’s Reality

He told me that Mike had killed more than 50 ladies for rituals in the past and that’s why he’s wealthy. He said I was supposed to use all the money I received from Mike and my former boyfriends to support the poor and the vulnerable, and I was supposed to leave Mike the night before and put an end to all I had with him.

He showed me the hotel I could spend the night in, and he gave me 50 thousand in cash to pay for my hotel and transportation. He told me, too, to forgive my father and get things right with him.

I was thinking of asking him his name, and how he knew everything about me, and he knew my thoughts somehow, and he told me he was a friend.

I went to the hotel and stayed the night, until I could ask him where he came from and I couldn’t find him.

The Divorce

The next day, Mike called me and asked for my place of residence, and I told him it was over and I had already negotiated a divorce. When he said he had the same thing in mind, that’s how I and Mike ended up, and that’s how I learned the biggest lesson of my life, I was shocked.

A fresh life of mine

I turned into a good lady, and I turned my love of money into a burning love of God, and I did as directed by the strange man. I was determined to work hard for my earnings, although things became a little bit difficult. In the sight of the manager of the business where I worked, I later found favour, he promoted me, and we later fell in love with each other and married.

I’m happily married to three children now, but I’ll never forget how I almost lost my life searching for money at the hands of a man.

Foods For Ideas

They say money makes the world go round, but the source of evil may also be money. In life, our greed for money should not be allowed to take over our humanity as human beings and make us evil. We should learn to hustle for our money as ladies, and love and greed for money have landed many people in trouble.

We should always, above all, remember God as the first person in our lives.

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