Do Not Be Misled By Some Past Governors Following You Like Personal Assistants Looking For What To Eat, Be Careful Because Position is Transient — PDP Senator Writes Gov Wike 


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Ondo Central Senatorial District Senator, Distinguished Sen Ayo Akinyelure has written a letter to Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State over the lingering crisis that has continued to rocked the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, report.


Read the letter below:

Open Letter to Gov Wike From Senator Ayo Akinyelure,FCA

The position of these Senior citizens of PDP in Rivers State need to be considered and respected by Governor Wike. He therefore needs to thread carefully because position is transient. These are Leaders of the party who have long time been democratically elected to positions of authority in the past,?especially as Senator of Federal republic of Nigeria and Deputy leader in the House of Representatives when Gov Wike of today was a very junior politician seeking position to be Chairman of Local Government in the Same Rivers State, but today he is the Executive Governor of the state. He should remember that only God gives position and respect must be accorded all Senior Citizens of our Great Party in Rivers State and other states of the Federation to make a big success in the 2023 Presidential election.

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He should keep his promise for PDP because PDP made him what he has ever become today in Nigeria Politics. I remember, when National Assembly caucus visited him in Rivers State lodge in Abuja when he was seeking the support of senior stakeholders of the Party for his presidential bid , he promised and I quote “if by per adventure I was not given the flag of the Party to fly for Presidential race, I will work with whoever get the flag to fly to ASO Rock Presidential Villa in 2023, because PDP made me what I am today”.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is the Presidential candidate of our great Party today, Wike need to go and bow and reconcile with him and keep his promises made before Senior Stakeholders of PDP and all his political associates from Rivers State. He Should relax himself and keep on thanking God for taking him to greater heights in his political career to become Governor of oil rich state in the Niger Delta region. He should not be misled by some past Governors following him like personal assistants looking for what to eat after they have misgovern for 8 years in their respective states in the past without success or any tangible achievements to point to after office.

They are busy dividing the Party loyalists everywhere. God is there to judge everyone of them who belong to these category. Therefore, Gov Wike should go and meet with Atiku and work with him so that his tomorrow will not be like former Governors who today are jumping from one Political Party to the another for survival. A word is enough for the wise.

Atiku Abubakar is your ‘OGA’ in Politics, that fact can not be ruled out anytime anyday. He was the Vice President of this great country Nigeria when you were ordinary Local Government Chairman. Use God’s wisdom to appreciate men and don’t be speaking as if you are God. No one is in charge of People’s vote in Nigeria. You became Governor through the support and Mandate of Rivers people, not by your singular vote. Once again, I strongly advise you to go and reconcile with Atiku to move our great Party forward. PDP has made you to be what you are today, Under no circumstance should you work against the party because you couldn’t secure the ticket of the Party to become its presidential candidate in a fair, Credible and transparent primary election.

Money cannot do everything, but God can do all things possible for his own men who believes in his power but not those who say money can do all. It is well with you. Atiku has been given the mandate of the Party don’t listen to political distractors settle with him and Rivers State Senior Stakeholders of the Party and deliver Rivers State and wait for what God has in stock for you in the next political dispensation.

Wishing our Great Party Successful Outing in 2023.

Distinguished Sen Ayo Akinyelure,FCA
PDP Ondo Central


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