Drama As Corpse Refuses To Be Buried, Leads People To The House of The Ritualist That Killed Her


In Sierra Leone, a dramatic and startling episode occurred when a deceased individual refused to be buried and instead led pallbearers to the house of the person who murdered her.

Pallbearers and undertakers can be seen being spiritually led to the residence of the alleged killer in Kent, Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital, in a video that has gone viral on social media.

On the day of her funeral, the corpse made multiple attempts to enter the home of its murderer.


A group of guys were seen carrying a coffin while supposedly being escorted to the entrance of a residence by an unknown force in a video uploaded by Sierraloaded.

The corpse was reported to be a victim of ritual murder in Kent Village, and the house it was entering was allegedly that of the ritualist who murdered her, according to witnesses.

Watch Video Below

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