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Easter Celebration is avenue to showcase love and oneness

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Easter Celebration is avenue to showcase love and oneness

Archbishop (Prof) David Irefin of Brotherhood of the Cross Star has revealed that the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ about two thousand years ago has made the law of prophet Moses become obsolete. By the reason of His death on the cross after the pronouncement that Father should forgive humanity because they did not know what they were doing.

According to him this singular action establishes a new Covenant with Man whose foundation is laid in Love. Love has become the only law Man should put into practice.
It is Love that paves the way for the Holy Spirit to come down and make His abode with
Man. Love therefore covers multitudes of sins and rather ushers in mercy, favour, humility,
patience, tolerance and forgiveness. Despite this, Man continues to wallow in sin, and count sin on others, under the pretense that Man is worshipping God.

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He noted that Man continues to live
abominable life of killing, discriminating, cheating, segregating, hating, fornicating etc.,
rather than abiding in Love. The Leader, Founder, Builder and Sustainer of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star His
Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is reminding the human family that Love does not count
sin on others nor does it judge others. Accordingly, all those who claim to be worshipping the Only True Living God must refrain totally from all forms of sin.

“Consequently, all those who hate, discriminate, segregate, kill, fornicate, lie, cheat for what so ever reason is wanted by God and they are rebels. This is because God is love and those who worship Him must do so in love, patience, humility, peace, joy mercy and oneness irrespective of religious belief and faith says the Bishop.

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He called on all to Remember that our Lord Jesus Christ has paid the price for all Christians, Muslims, buddish, Hindu’s, Jewish, gentiles and what have you. Thus, it does not pay for any religion, person or group of persons to continue to lie, cheat, kill, discriminate, hate and segregate for such acts amount to rebellion and attract woes, confusion, chaos, hunger and death. This is, the more reason, why His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is reminding the entire humanity to retrace their steps from evil and start to put the doctrines and gospels of our Lord Jesus Christ into practice as it is done in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

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Accordingly, he disclosed that Easter celebration is not about eating meat, fish and getting drunk, but rather about loving one another and peaceful coexistence.Anything outside this, is condemnation and death.

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