EDITORIAL: Wealthy Tenant Vs Poor landlord


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Wealthy Tenant Vs Poor landlord

Look at your environment to see if there’s a wealthy tenant .

No tenant who has been spending 50 % of their income paying rent to their landlord ever made it to the finished line become wealthy

Why ?

No Assets
Tenants don’t know how to create assets defined as valuable and convertible to cash and grows over time e g home ownership.

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To become a wealthy tenant you must transition from paying rent to building assets for the future e.g home ownership.

New York City
Many home owners who purchased homes in New York City 30 yrs ago have seen their real estate holding quadruple over 30 yrs and harvesting fruits of their investment .

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Rent paying tenants in New York City for 30 yrs.
If you are a tenant paying rent $1500 monthly for 360 x $1500 /00 = $540,000 /00 paid to enrich a landlord and what asset do you have to show ?

No asset and no wealth built over 360 months.

Home ownership
We can help you create your own asset to build wealth.


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