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EDO: A State Parading Two Thieves for the Trophy

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EDO: A State Parading Two Thieves for the Trophy

By Emmanuel Ekeutomiye

Few months to the end of the administration of Adams Oshiomhole as the Governor of Edo State, a renowned Cleric and Social Rights Activist, Bishop Dr. Osadolor Ochei JP, petitioned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate Adams Oshiomhole with a view to making him to answer for the economic rape he perpetuated on the state in his 8 year reign of political voodooism.

Apart from sending the weighty and detailed petition, the Cleric equally sent a consignment of documentary evidence about a hundred pounds weight to the EFCC to make their work easy. This bag of evidence covered document ranging from vouchers, invoices, memos and proposals which were fraudulently smoked to siphon huge sums from the coffers of Edo State Government for projects and services that were never executed or rendered; or poorly and criminally prosecuted.

But to our greatest bewilderment, and just like it would be later confirmed by Adams himself that all sinners who take shelter under the satanic broom of APC must have their iniquities thrown into River Nile and their robes beaming with immaculate holiness, the EFCC murmured in spite of the overwhelming evidence that Adams had no case to answer.

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Disatisfied with EFFC’s refusal to act after sending several reminders to them, the resolute Cleric, disappointed but not intimidated, once again approached the Temple of Justice on bended knees, entreating the Priest of the Temple to order EFFC to carry out their statutory functions. Unpropitiously, his innocuous supplication once again received a dejected rejection!

Shamefully, while all these ventures were being undertaken by a single person to avenge the evil committed against an entire state and by necessary implication the whole of humanity, those members of APC who have now bifocated and calibrated themselves into Adams and Obaseki FCs congregated in an unholy sanctuary to drink beer and make merry over the rejection of the holy supplication.

But today the holy book has thrown open the page that touches on our iniquities, the preacher must flip to the next page with speed without reading!
We are now being compelled by the exigencies of the moment and selfish interests to become fans of either of the two political football clubs that are both abominable scions of the same obscure and absurd stud!

Funny enough, some members of the opposition who ought to capitalize on the raging imbroglio to vindicate themselves on the position of their party have equally partitioned themselves amongst the two FCs, depending who is offering more in the transfer market. The opposition party itself seems nebulous on how to gather the spoils of war.

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And dangerously the masses watch on as accusations and counter-accusations hovers over their head on who is the greater thief between Oshiomhole and Obaseki, even though the uniformity of the first letter of their names shouldn’t place anyone in quandary as to the equanimity of their iniquities as same may not just be mere coincidence.

Is it not a fact that Obaseki was the Chairman of Oshiomhole’s Economic Team? Is it not a fact that they both designed and prosecuted some of the projects that have failed today? If your argument is that Obaseki was only but a mere servant, is he not in charge today? What stop him from setting the record straight? If at all he is not culpable, are we now to condone his decision to shield Oshiomhole from facing the reality of his thiefery in the court of public opinion by his tacit refusal to tell us the reasons our ‘5 Star Central Hospital’ is not working? Are we now to condone Obaseki’s deafening silence on the true mystery behind the over 30 billion Storm Water project that is now storming residents’ home with flood at the slightest whispering of the clouds? Is the Obaseki himself not already constructing ‘wake and see’ roads that get washed away the following week by handful of downpour?

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We may take any stand today between the two FCs and device seductive justifications for our actions, but let us not forget that posterity will not be in a hurry to compromise our place in the history books.

To Dr. Osadolor Ochei JP, I say a big congratulation. Though your supplication rejected, your position has been confirmed by the culprits themselves. You have been vindicated. I also congratulate all those who directly and indirectly supported and encouraged you during the struggle.

The choice is now that of Edo electorates whether they want to trade the Trophy between the two abominable FCs or redeem their image!

I so submit!

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