Ekanem Has No Idea How They Play Table Tennis — Orok Duke


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Ekanem Has No Idea How They Play Table Tennis — Orok Duke


Orok Duke, former Deputy speaker, Cross River State House of Assembly and one time Chairman of the Cross River Sports Commission, speaking on the controversies surrounding the recently concluded September 30, 2021 election for the leadership of the Nigerian Table Tennis Federation (NTTF) in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, said he had taken up table tennis since the state’s inception in 1988.


In his words, Duke said:- “Right from the creation of Cross River State, I had taken up the table tennis since 1988, this is 33-years. We have produced National champions in all, we have produced champions and when they are putting up banners, they put governor and Elom on the street of Calabar, you would never see my face on the street but we are the power behind the girl’s performance”.


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“Of course you know Offiong Edem went to Tokyo came back, went to Yaounde and won silver medal for the country, but she lost to Egypt. But we have a group of characters who have decided on their own to bring down sport in Cross River State.

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Continuing, he said those days there are 36 sports and when you want to pick a chairmanship, the six states would come together and they would share six (6) each. This time around, the other five states took 35 slots and I was the only person remaining, they called other states not to endorsed me. I went to Akwa Ibom State, campaigned, I told them I had produced 3 out of 4 National Champions so I ought to be the person representing South-South. Yes, I had been there for 16-years, who else? We have lost 35 remaining table tennis, so they were rejected by Akwa Ibom State and I was endorsed at Monti Suite by the Commissioner, Monday Okoh, they proceeded to Rivers State, they were rejected and I was endorsed, they went to Edo State and I was also endorsed, even Delta State endorsed me.

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“All of a sudden, we saw a commissioner in the venue with a letter from the Governor, purportedly there to ensure I do not represent Cross River State, that, they rather scored 36-0 than me being there. I stepped aside and called the governor, he responded and said he knew nothing about that. But since the governor formally told me that he had no hand in the purported list, that means they is a group of misnomer calling themselves administrators who are here riding rough shot on the sport, and then messing up the sport, they are reversing every single thing we have done for the past 30-years.

Question: But Mr Ekanem is saying that you forge a letter from the Cross River State Government claiming that you were supposed to be the representative, whereas it is not, you did not follow due process, is that so?

Answer: The people are so ignorant. Let me tell you what happened, 36 sports, only 6 sports in constitution were sent to Abuja, the rest did their own in Benin, Edo State. Those sports without constitution Basketball, Table Tennis. In the Constitution of Table Tennis, it clearly states and defined those who can be members, you must owned a club, of course you know I have 60% share of canaan, you must have bee a player, you must be a coach, you must be a member of the Armed Forces. Those are the criteria listed for you to become a member. Ekanem doesn’t know how they play Table Tennis, he doesn’t know how they do anything about Table Tennis, so he now surfaced with a letter, of course that is forgery. Okay now, 36 out of 36 they have lost. Is that progress? What is happening to Cross River State? These people are not there, they can’t even point out one athletes, but I produced Table Tennis players and they put them on Billboards.

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Ekanem Has No Idea How They Play Table Tennis — Orok Duke



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