EXPOSED!! Crisis Looms In Nigeria As Plot To Move Capital From Abuja Thickens

Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry has said that God revealed to him an ongoing plot to move the central government from Abuja to a different city.

He also said that the time for the fulfillment of his earlier prophecy about power being taken from President Muhammadu Buhari and be given to someone else has come.

The cleric, in a statement to DAILY POST on Tuesday, also predicted a looming crisis in the country, calling on well-meaning citizens to pray earnestly.

“Thus says the Lord: Some people will plan to move the the Seat of Government from Aso Rock to another city,” he said.

“Nigeria needs supervision and fervent prayer during this perilous period.

“Government will be taken away from the President. What I the Lord had said previously concerning the President, the time of its fulfillment has come that the government will be taken away from the President and it will be given to his neighbour that is better than him.

“Aso Rock needs prayer starting from May 26th, 2021 until June 17th, 2021. Aso Rock needs adequate security during this period,” he said.

According to him, “Looming crisis of extreme proportion will burst. So people should pray seriously. When the looming crisis bursts, it will cause worries for people and restlessness will be prevalent in the Nigeria.”

Furthermore, he warned Nigeria against what he described as China’s debt trap, adding, “China is already embedded in the administration of Nigeria and if Nigeria is not careful; China will use debt diplomacy to put Nigeria in debt that unborn generation will continue to pay.”

Apostle Okikijesu releases prophecies on Chibuike Amaechi, Lai Mohammed, Ahmed Lawan, IGP



Why Libya’s Stability Matters To Us — President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria is concerned about Libya’s stability because issues affecting the North African nation greatly impact the Lake Chad Basin, which in turn affects Nigeria.

The Nigerian leader said this on Wednesday when he hosted the Chairman, of the Presidential Council of Libya, Mohammed Younis Menfi, in Abuja.

“Republics of Chad, and Niger, have extensive borders with Libya, and they are our immediate neighbours,” Femi Adesina, one of the presidential spokesmen, quoted his principal as saying. “Whatever affects them affects us. The stability or instability of Libya will directly affect us.”

Buhari expressed joy over Menfi’s attendance at the Summit of Lake Chad Basin Commission held on Tuesday to discuss the crisis in Chad and the implications for security in neighbouring nations.

President Buhari had repeatedly linked the renewed crime wave in Nigeria to instability in Libya.

The Libyan leader who said his country is making progress in the fight against insecurity informed President Buhari that Libya “now have one government, active on the ground”.

“We are expelling the mercenaries, and unifying the instructions,” he stated.

According to him, plans are on the way to hold elections in the country.

Nigeria and Libya, he said, share historical relationships especially in the agriculture and oil sectors, and could not ignore each other.

“We aspire for joint cooperation, and reactivation of previous agreements,” Menfi added.




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