EXPOSED : Ekweremadu Wanted To Harvest My Friend’s Kidney Without Telling Him [Another Shocking Revelations]


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Ndubisi, a close friend of David Nwamini, the boy allegedly trafficked into the UK by Ike Ekweremadu for organ harvesting, has revealed that Nwamini is not a minor, but he was unaware of the part he was to play in the organ transplantation deal.

On Monday, Ndubisi, who kept his full name to himself, told Nigeria Info, a radio station in Lagos, that Nwamini is 22 years old. He also claimed that Nwamini, who hails from the Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, did not know that he was travelling to the UK for an organ transplantation procedure.

Asked about the veracity of his claims, Ndubisi told the radio station that Nwamini revealed all to his brother who trades in Ikotun too.

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“I know him (Nwamini) personally. I’m calling from Ikotun. He used to live in Ikotun,” Ndubisi said. “We were here at Ikotun doing business together.

“Around November last year, we heard that he (Nwamini) travelled to the UK and we wondered how it happened. His brother started telling us that there was a firm that called Nwamini to let him know that if he wanted to travel to the UK there was somebody who would sponsor him.

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“They told him that the person had seen where he would work and where he would live. So, the boy sold all his goods and travelled to Abuja.

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“The truth is that he (Nwamini) is not 15 years; he is 22. But he did not know that when he got to the UK, he would be taken to the hospital to do an organ transplantation. It was when he got there that the story changed.

When he got to the hospital, the doctor asked him if he agreed to donate his organ. He (Nwamini) said no.

“That is what he told his brother. We are together here in Ikotun. His name is David Nwamini, from Ebonyi State, Izzi Local Government.”

On June 23, the Metropolitan Police arrested Ekweremadu, a former Deputy Senate President, and Nwanneka, his wife, in the United Kingdom (UK) for allegedly attempting to traffic a child for organ harvesting.

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Earlier reports put Nwamini’s age at either 15 or 21. The Ekweremadu couple await trial on July 7.


EXPOSED : Ekweremadu Wanted To Harvest My Friend’s Kidney Without Telling Him [Another Shocking Revelations]


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