EXPOSED!! North Preparing For Violent Takeover In 2023 – Akin Oyebode


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EXPOSED!! North Preparing For Violent Takeover In 2023 – Akin Oyebode


Akin Oyebode (SAN), an ERUDITE scholar and professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, has urged the Northern political elite against blocking the cry for power transfer to the South in 2023.

Oyebode, who urged caution on the part of the “Northern cowboys,” warned that defying the 17 Southern governors’ desire for power rotation could be the end of Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari, he said, has left no question that he is a Fulani irredentist who will go down in history as Nigeria’s most negative president, having claimed to be for none and belonging to all in his inaugural speech.

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In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Tribune, the Ekiti-born professor claimed the country’s ethnic fault lines have become so obvious under Buhari, warning that the fear of Nigeria’s extinction is not idle if the power rotation agitation is disregarded.

“The fault lines are becoming so clear that if the Northern cowboys aren’t careful, they may bring Nigeria’s collapse to a head. It is not an idle threat since many people believe Buhari is anti-South.

“The only way to straighten a bent pole is to bend it in the other direction. As a result, if they insist on calling the shot, it’s a risky play.

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