Exposed: See Why Buhari Wants ‘RUGA’ Desperately


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Exposed: See Why Buhari Wants ‘RUGA’ Desperately

The current uproar about the planned establishment of Rural Grazing Area known as RUGA by President Muhammadu Buhari is because of the lack of trust in his government and for a fact, the President has shown clear and open bias against tribes of other regions in the country.

*I must make this clarification, there is a clear distinction between ranches and RUGA, the two cannot in anyway be used interchangeably because any attempt to do that would be nothing but stupidity.*

Let it not be shocking to you that the real intention of this so called RUGA may be deadly and evil filled, the President is suddenly acting as if he is under intense Pressure to set up this RUGA across Nigeria.

You must carefully study President Buhari’s pattern, first it was FULANI RADIO. What is the purpose of a radio station for a particular ethnic group or language out of about 350 ethnic Nationalities, FULANI that is not even captured in the constitution of the country?

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We must all be smart to note the speed at which these ideas of President Buhari is being enforced or implemented, he came up again with RUGA after the people of South East vehemently rejected the setting up of Fulani vigilante on their soil, one begins to wonder where these people are getting their gut, taking others for a ride as if they have been totally conquered. What is the business of Fulani whose domain is in the far North, setting up a vigilante group in the down South Eastern Nigeria.

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*Hope you are reading with a rational and open mind, I am heading somewhere.*

The same Buhari government claimed that they gazzetted lands across the country, that the RUGA is at the instance of States but Benue State Government where they hurriedly set up RUGA without even informing the Governor has come out to deny ever making application to the Federal Government for such scheme, Benue State have anti open grazing law in place but they are in total support of ranches provided the herders will be peaceful with the host community.

The same President has failed to make public a copy of what he termed gazzet or application by any State Government, they have not been able to explain reasonably to Citizens why the hurry to set up RUGA in various States, knowing fully well that power to allocate lands is vested on the Governors. Another trick he wants to use to arm twist the governor to surrender for his RUGA is to delay their Federal Allocation and other benefits.

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*Now, the main reason.*

Buhari, a power hungry individual is setting up his army of occupation on different lands which at the slightest move for Power shift, he would use RADIO FULANI to command violence which may likely lead to another civil war, one wonder why Buhari is working very quick to place his Fulani herdsmen strategically in various States.

These Fulanis before now don’t only kill farmers, but other innocent Nigerians, the excuse that RUGA will help settle the Farmer/Herders clash is nothing but a fat white lie, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo came up with a compensation plan for victims under the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP), Buhari saw this and threw it away since its not for the benefit of his Fulani goons.

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Atiku is in court claiming that Buhari did not emerge as the President, is Buhari trying to set up his Fulani gorrila soldiers in every States in case the tide turns and command them to unleash terror on the people?

Impossible is nothing with President Buhari, beside he once openly threatened that baboon will soak in the pool of blood, at another time commanded his followers in Kaduna to unleash terror on those not on his side, recently before the 2019 election, in contrast to the electoral act on ballot box snatching, Buhari openly threatened that those who snatched bellot boxes will pay with their lives. This is a man who do not care if the whole place burn down or soak in the pool of blood so far he remain in Power.

By Dr Abayomi Ahmed.

Vigilance is very profitable, every sensible Nigerians must speak in one voice and reject this dangerous, divisive and war like strategy of Buhari called RUGA, else the people may be rounded up easily by his Fulani army of occupation and that’s is total conquer.


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