Exposition: The Hidden Truth You Need To Know About How Yahoo Boys Use Female Victim Pants For Ritual


In the month of October, 2018, a youthful man with dreadlocks who claimed to be abroad raised an alarm about internet fraudsters doing rituals with the panties of women to spiritually empower them to have the benefit of easy windfalls from scams.’

According to him, the panties had been purchased on the black market from the price differ of N200,000 to N350,000 counting on how rather a lot residues/physique fluids they contained. Only a variety of people took him extreme. Netizens laughed about it inside the comment a part of the Instagram internet web page. A few days later, the particular person’s revelation started gaining attraction inside the media. Reports of people stealing panties from washing strains started rising with confessions made by culprits largely inside the face of jungle justice.

In December, the panties of a popular American video vixen and model, Symba and that of her good buddy had been reportedly stolen on the Villa Thirty Three Hotel in Lekki, Lagos State by one in every of many lodge cleaners. She raised the alarm on social media and immediately, the ladies obtained the message that the decided hunt for his or her panties was precise.

The internet fraudsters who’re majorly youthful males had been fingered inside the diabolic act of wicked ritualism. According to research, the implication of that’s that the sufferer whose panties had been used for rituals might fall sick, die mysteriously, run mad or be bewitched with ill-luck till her remaining day on earth.

The situation seems worse in Delta State with gunmen allegedly robbing girls of their underwear.

But how true are these tales? Hope they are not definitely one in every of these periodic social media hoaxes which is perhaps click on on baits set by bloggers and on-line journalists hungry for guests?

Nigeria’s social media space and its penchant for fake info

Nigerians have an unimpressive report of wilfully spreading fake and odd info. A little bit of the nation as quickly as unfold rumours that there was a sinister plan by the ruling All Progressives Congress to islamize Nigeria and change it into a country like Turkey. You may even keep in mind how rumours emanated from the South-East geo-political zone in 2017 that the Nigerian Army was using a medical prepare to inject poison/monkeypox virus into the people to depopulate the South-East in opposition to the 2019 regular election.

We have moreover heard unfounded claims of people selecting monies on the underside and turning into yam tubers or completely different objects which are merely stashed away nevertheless the culprits who planted it. What regarding the topic of ‘killer cellphone amount or cellphone title’? A wierd amount calls your line and immediately you reply to the decision, you start to vomit blood and die. Another shut one which was well-liked in Ibadan the place this reporter grew up is ‘manhood theft’. A stranger will accost you in public space to ask for path and the next minute after your response, your manhood shrinks.
Just of late, people take into account there are piggy banks (kolo) which is perhaps laced with juju. The money saved in them will step-by-step disappear with out your information. All these and many further are unfold from mouth to mouth and on social media with people taking it hook line and sinker with none empirical proof. But the second you try to verify the report, the proponents actually really feel uneasy ensuing from lack of substance and begin to retrace their steps.

As the story of a lady who vomited naira notes on the Effurun market area of Uvwie native authorities area of Warri, Delta State after her pant was allegedly stolen at her residence few weeks previously pervaded the net space, concern gripped female people notably those that discreetly promote their our our bodies on the net. Wearing panties to the house of an individual you don’t perception has flip right into a extreme hazard. People grew to change into vigilant regarding the youthful males with unsubstantiated sources of wealth of their neighbourhoods moreover known as the ‘Benz or Nothing Boys’ on social media ensuing from their affinity with distinctive Mercedes Benz automobiles.

Using the panties of women isn’t part of our line of commerce – Yahoo Boys

As this reporter beloved the environment of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on his methodology once more to his home-city for the Yuletide, he thought regarding the panties rituals and was determined to get to the inspiration of the problem ensuing from the reality that plenty of the journalists who’ve labored on the tales lack optimism of their reportage.

Yahoo Boys aren’t ghosts, they dwell spherical us. We grew up with a couple of of them. They share their rip-off escapades and proceeds at beer parlours, membership houses and social gatherings inside the midst of like-minds. They are very approachable as long as you are not a security operative and the principle of confidentiality is assured. I obtained a couple of cellphone numbers and started to rearrange interviews with them on the craze of panties getting used for black magic. It was a extremely herculean exercise nevertheless humorous ample the Yahoo Boys I spoke with had been ready to talk. I even obtained referrals to completely different fraudsters for essential data.

To my greatest shock, the a variety of seemingly established ‘hustlers’ as they title themselves claimed to have heard the rumours on social media. Most of them admitted that internet fraud had taken a non secular dimension a really very long time previously nevertheless the topic of panties getting used on the detriment of the proprietor was misplaced.

“Your questions are very funny; I haven’t heard such news of the pant ritual on the street (among friends). just like you, I read it online. I know boys do juju so that their magas (victims) could pay big cash on time but the reported fate of the victims is synonymous to pure blood money” a suspected scammer of South-east descent who spoke beneath the scenario of anonymity suggested this reporter.

Not glad, the reporter was able to organize a gathering with one different youthful man in his early thirties who’s inside the illicit enterprise. He paraded one in every of many latest iPhones, Apple laptop computer pc, jewelleries. He spoke to this reporter with a wrap of weed on one hand, a mixture of unknown alcoholic substance on the alternative with largely ladies constantly interrupting the transient interview with cellphone calls. After being assured of his safety a second time, he slowly started singing like a fowl.

“I can boldly tell you that most of the guys out there are pure ritualists and not Yahoo Boys. They know nothing about this work. My old friend who has no email address bought a Maserati car worth N60 million. I don’t know if you know the car….he is based in South Africa. I have asked him to give me tips for work but his brain is empty. People close to him have told me that he only uses his laptop for Facebook. I suspect pure blood money as he isn’t doing drugs. He comes to Nigeria periodically maybe to renew his jazz (voodoo). People will think such a guy is doing Yahoo but I doubt bro. That’s the problem we are dealing with” he said.

When probed extra regarding the infusion of black magic with internet rip-off, he admitted that voodoo performs an unlimited perform inside the jail commerce.

“I nor fit lie you, juju dey and people dey use am wella. Most of these herbalists have a book of spells and they can make such charms to jinx white people. The problem is that most of them are fake. I have done some in the past but they never worked for me. I still believe in pure hard work and I know very successful guys in Lagos who own properties here and there doing fraud without juju” he added.

He extra outlined that some herbalists use human skulls recovered from burial grounds, tongues of human beings, breasts and completely different parts to make potions. According to his account, these provides are grinded into power to make soaps, drinks or meals for the scammer and a course of is adopted to convey good luck. He accused the “Benz Boy” of indulging in that stage of fraud to cater for his or her flamboyant life.

This reporter moreover spoke with one different very wealthy youthful man, an Osun State native in his mid thirties who shuttles between Nigeria and Malaysia. He is happily married with two kids. He owns a variety of vehicles, landed properties and firms used as fronts for fraud. He abruptly denied having any information of the panties ritual.

“Internet scam has been around in Nigeria for almost two decades now and the issue of panties of women being used for money never came up until recently. What is so special about the panties of ladies? I’m in touch with guys and I have never met or heard of one using the panties of ladies to attract goodwill. That’s pure blood money and my mind tells me the politicians might be involved. This is an election season and desperate politicians need spiritual powers to play dirty politics” he alleged.

This reporter received right here shut to making a breakthrough in meeting two victims of the panties wizardry when he spoke with one partly uncooperative hustler throughout the Ologuneru area of Ibadan who initially insulted the reporter. On being quizzed on the problem, he mocked the journalist via the cellphone interview.

“Guy you dey mad oh!, which kain question be this one na? Who tell you say I dey press?” he requested amid laughter.

When the journalist outlined the goal of the investigation to him and the best way he had spoken alongside together with his colleagues with rather a lot progress made, he toned down his utterances.

“I have never seen any guy using the pants of ladies. Apart from what we read on Instablog (Nigeria’s popular microblog on Instagram), no one has ever informed me that it’s the new method of making cash or that someone he knows is involved. The reports are very strange to us. Most of the guys doing such are into blood money and not Yahoo Yahoo. I can assure you. Thats all I know” he said.

He later known as this reporter to tell him about two ladies whose panties had been reportedly used for rituals. According to the rumours he heard, the youthful ladies slept with the big boys for money and ended up inside the palms of the ritualists. He was suggested the ladies started falling sick afterward with their our our bodies shrinking and oozing a foul odor. All efforts to speak with the purported victims failed as people contacted had uneasily feelings regarding the reportage.

Youths now observe Ifa (West African religion and system of divination) for financial benefits

The reporter moreover met a 25-year outdated alumnus of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. The faculty is famed for housing a variety of essentially the most notorious fraudsters inside the South-western part of the nation. Segun Quadri (not precise determine) drives a Lexus 350 jeep; he has constructed his private house and has invested in fish farming. He has a start-up that sells fish feed on a large-scale. He appears so innocent and no one would ever suspect he is into to internet fraud. He moreover claimed ignorance regarding the panties voodoo.

“I don’t take into account any Yahoo Boy is using the panties of any woman. It’s all fake info.

Most of the tales are arduous to point out. The fundamental draw back is that almost all people are literally into money-making rituals. That is simply not internet fraud. There are some rituals that you will do to prosper irrespective of you lay your palms on. On the conclusion of the non secular prepare, the native doctor asks you to go start any enterprise. Even if it means selling unusual slippers, you will flip into rich and well-known from that low-cost enterprise” Segun narrated as he swung his vehicle keys inside the air as if he was coordinating a bunch of choristers in a church.

“People in Lagos are now ‘doing Ifa’, the process is very deep and hard to explain. It’s like joining a secret cult. When you do, worshiping Ifa becomes your second religion. It doesn’t disturb the first one. It’s like joining the illuminati. You just have to admit that you now have a second god in your life” he added.

His narration reminded the reporter of 1 well-liked and super rich suspected internet fraudster named Femi on the Jericho area of Ibadan of Ibadan who was purportedly caught performing a ritual within the midst of the evening time at a three-way junction. According to research, he was sporting all-white clothes. The suspect later admitted overtly that he is an Ifa worshipper who has refused to align with Christianity or Islam.
The reporter requested him if these Ifa reliable he described are engaged in rituals inside the class of what Femi did and he affirmatively said no.

“You don’t have to perform such rituals except you need certain powers. These Ifa faithful are given some fetish structures they simply worship in their houses. Mostly, they are given a calabash containing other spiritual materials. You will pray on it and pour a quantity of palm oil inside of it as part of the rites involved. The palm oil is expected to dry up before the day ends. This in turn brings good luck to the worshiper” he said.

When requested about clues to determining members of the Ifa confraternity, he spoke extra;

“Some of these Ifa members only wear white dresses. Their cars are white, houses have the same colour and most of their belongings. They will tell you they have some sort of obsession with that colour but it’s not true. Most of them have forbidden food materials like fish, snail, pig, cow meat and others. Eating these has become a taboo for them. Their wealth could cease if they break the rules” he emphatically mentioned.

After having enjoyable with Segun’s utmost cooperation, the reporter felt indebted and couldn’t summon braveness to ask him about his non-public involvement in black magic. Rumours have it that his early success may have come straight from the devil’s altar.

People are actually using the panties of women for juju – native doctor

A neighborhood doctor who moreover spoke on the problem beneath the scenario of anonymity ensuing from its delicate nature claims the panties of female people are actually being utilized by unscrupulous elements for rituals.

According to him, it’s a extremely potent provide of the Midas contact in life.

“The panties of women are actually being used by Yahoo Boys. The panties work for different things depending on the wish of the person in question. It’s capable of unlocking the destiny of the ritualist. He stands a good chance of being prosperous in whatever he lays his hands on be it business or internet scam. I will not lie to you, people are indeed using the underwear of women for rituals” he said.

Written By Osayimwen Osahon George



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