Fear As Nigerian Army Shuns Boko Haram, Sends 231 Tank Battalion From North-East To South-East Region

Fear As Shuns , Sends 231 Tank Battalion From North-East To


The security situation in the southeast has continued to get every peace-loving Nigerian perturbed. As it seems, many Nigerians are beginning to fret over the activities of unknown gunmen, ESN, and respectively. These outlaws have continued to cause havoc in the southeast region on daily basis. They have continued to attack and burn properties belonging to individuals and the government.

Although these groups have continued to cause havoc, the seems to have found a way of dealing with them now.

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According to a report, the has on Wednesday sent reinforcement from the North-East to help fight agitators in the . The reinforcement team included the dreaded 231 Battalion. The 231 Battalion as of January 2021 was led by a southerner identified as Lt, Col. M.E. Obi, who is well versed with the terrain of the southeast region. It is however uncertain whether Col. Obi will be leading the battalion to the southeast again. Here is an extract from an interview , “Yes, some troops are moving from the North-East to the South-East as reinforcements. They started moving from Wednesday. Among them are those from the 231 Tank Battalion; they are believed to be more trained in quelling uprisings,” a top source confirmed, according to Smartzonas

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