Following Chidimma’s Arrest And Subsequent Confession Of The Murder, All Hell Will Soon Break Loose, And Further Arrests Will Happen Before …


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Following Chidimma’s Arrest And Subsequent Confession Of The Murder, All Hell Will Soon Break Loose, And Further Arrests Will Happen Before …



Brenda’s boyfriend [Yes, Boyfriend] is related to Chidimma… in fact, her paternal Uncle – Izu.
Izu and Brenda have been going out since she was employed at NNPC, and they’re really in love.
Usifo is the only one standing in their way, as they planned to get married after the divorce.
Yes, Brenda and Usifo’s marriage had been in tatters for some years, hence their decision to live apart.
Meanwhile, Izu have been footing the University and pocket money bills for Chidimma, since she got admission to UniLag, as his senior brother [Chidimma’s father couldn’t afford her Welfare].

Brenda needed a good evidence of cheating in their marriage, in other to push through a quick divorce.
Izu volunteered to use Chidimma, and arrange a setup relationship between her and Usifo.
At first, Chidimma refused to go along with this plot, until he threatened to withdraw his financial support, and ensure she’s sacked from UniLag.

Chidimma reluctantly agreed, and a chance meeting was arranged at a big party, in honour of one of Izu’s wealthy clients in Banana Island, in January.
Usifo fell for the pretty damsel, and started dating her.

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The plan was for Chidimma to lure Usifo to a set up destination, pre-wired with all sorts of monitoring and recording devices.
This will be a hardcore evidence Brenda needed to push through her divorce.
This was also why it was Chidimma that chose the meeting pad, rather than Usifo’s normal arrangements.

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On the faithful day, everything was set as planned, and Usifo arrived to meet Chidimma at the pad.
They ate, drank and discussed as usual.
Then Chidimma took the first round of drugs. Please note that Usifo doesn’t do drugs, but allows her to smoke, as it turns her on.
After that first wrap, they made passionate love, and resumed their drinking.
Meanwhile, Chidimma started smoking more, as she was nervous.
She later passed out.

Usifo continued with his drinks, waiting for her to get up so they can have more sex.
As the waiting and drinking continued, Usifo decided to be mischievous, and started going through Chidimma’s phone.
He couldn’t believe the stuff he’s seeing in Chidimma’s phone.
There were countless number of porn movies, nude pics, and most startling, his own pics with Chidimma, in various places he can recall they’ve been to in Lagos.

Drunk and in a wild rage, he woke her up, and started questioning her.
She wasn’t responding well, because she’s still groggy from the drugs and alcohol.
Usifo now resorted to shouting and slapping her, in a fit of rage.
Chidimma staggered out of the bedroom, and into the kitchen, where she stumbled upon a kitchen knife.
She only wanted to scare him, and stop him from hitting her.

Chidimma, inadvertently stabbed him the first time… but Usifo kept on chasing her, even with more anger.
She then began to wave and stab indiscriminately, in a bid to stop him.
He unfortunately was struck fatally by one of the stabs, and slumped to his death.

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On realising what just happened, Chidimma screamed aloud… and panic steps in.
She quickly called Izu, and informed him that Usifo was dead.
He calmed her down, and stepped into action.

Izu immediately called his boys that set up the place, and they quickly rushed to the scene.
They whisked Chidimma away, and dismantled all their gadgets.
Izu informed Brenda of the tragedy, and they quickly came up with a plan.

They were to take Usifo’s wallet and all valuables on him.
Then Brenda provided Izu’s PIN, and the guys went and withdrew cash from Usifo’s Bank account, via ATMs.
The idea is to make it look like a robbery went wrong.

Current Events:

Following Chidimma’s arrest at her father’s house, and subsequent confession of the murder, all hell will soon break loose, and further arrests will happen before the end of the weekend.

Currently, the latest news has it that Chidimma’s father and the owner and management of the AirBnB have been arrested.
Chidimma is scared, and will reveal everything soon.
Her life is also in danger…!!!


The Death Of Usifo Ataga :The Other Side Of The Story.

Good morning my classmates. I know usifo Ataga very well. He is the son of prof Ataga. Rtd DG of NIFOR. Usifo is always in my hotel in Lekki 1 to eat my famous black soup in company of his very close friend Okoedo. The late Usifo is a thorough bred gentleman. What has happened is unfortunate and very sad. He didn’t live in vgc. He was living in banana island while his wife lived and worked in NNPC in Abuja. He was a very nice person. Very respectful, calm and easy going. He will greet and shake with two hands. He contributed to my late father’s burial purse a few weeks ago. I was expecting him in Benin. What happened appears to be a set up. Some people were apparently after the huge amount of money in his business account which ran into a few billions of Naira. They only succeeded in getting the money in his personal account. That young girl was just probably a bait. All the cock and bull story she has been spewing out since she was caught yesterday doesn’t add up. I fear that her own life is in danger too because the syndicate she is working with might want to silence her . Let’s wait for the investigation to unravel the truth Let’s not jump to conclusions. The Usifo I know doesn’t do drugs. Doesn’t smoke. He was such a nice nice calm person. It’s so sad he had to die in such a nasty way on his 50th birthday. That is why the whole Lekki 1 , Ikoyi and all who knew him are grieving so deeply.

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