For ‘Obudu Mountain Resorts’ To Return To It’s Normalcy, Donald Duke Should Be Name ‘Obudu Cattle Ranch Management Board’ Chairman – Romanus.


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I woke up this morning, thinking about the current state of Obudu cattle Ranch. How such a major tourist attraction that brought people from within and outside the Country can be allowed to die beats my imagination.

How a place Late President Umaru Musa Yaradua once described as ‘Camp David’ can be allow to die pains me.

For a place former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr Goodluck Jonathan visibly marvel at to be allowed to deteriorate the extend it is, should worry all of us.

For Nigeria’s once favourite Retreat and holiday spot to be abandoned in its current condition for years now is abnormal.

But I thought about this;

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The Obudu cattle Ranch was somebody’s vision and idea. Only him knows what he wanted to do with that place. Only him know what he wanted to see come out of that place. Only him know how he wanted the place to function. He was and still is, the vision bearer. His name is Donald Duke.

Is it not possible for the present and former governor to spend a weekend together majorly to discuss the revamping of that place?

I think that one of the best things that will happen to the ranch is to hand it over to its vision bearer to either run it under what may be called ‘Obudu Cattle Ranch Management Board’ where Mr Duke would serve as the board’s Chairman or we get him to recommend somebody for us who share his same vision.

No matter what anybody thinks about Duke, he is a brand name so long as Tourism is concern in Nigeria and Africa. One minute advertisement on Channels TV and CNN of Donald Duke calling on investors to invest in Obudu Cattle Ranch am sure can do the magic.

Obudu Ranch Resort must not be allowed to die.

Richard Romanus.

See Reactions and suggestions from Nigerians Below…

“I wish they hear you”

“In connection with the President’s private visit to London, Reno Omokri recently tweeted why the president should be visiting places like Obudu cattle Ranch”

“He got me thinking at that point, he obviously has no idea of what the place currently looks like”

~ Okan Peter.

“A Big shame in black and white”

“We don’t need no management board for the revamp of the ranch. No appointee can run the resort”

“Hand over the Mountain resort to known world brands like Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, intercontinental etc on concession for ten years, don’t expect any returns in the first five years and see the magic. It’s no rocket science”.

“Meanwhile No black man can manage the resort at its present stage ( take this to the bank) HE Donald would affirm”.

~ Francis Ekpo.

“I believe it should be expanded to “Tourism Advisory and monitoring board ” and their job should basically be to revive all tourist sites in the state and also source for partners both foreign and local”

~ Daniel Riwo.

“I seriously think tinapa should have been included in this writeup.
Visited that place recently and saw a pathetic site. But this is a place where huge chunk of money was put into”.

“Just as Okan Peter pointed out, people from outside calabar still think all of these places are very functional”

“Can’t these places be privatized”.

~ Princess Janice.

“Thank you Richie Romanus for bringing this up. Obudu Mountain Resort must not be allowed to die”

~ Hope Obeten.

“One of the reasons we fought so hard to be elected.
Nigeria is a bias state practicing hidden regionalism. Government will do anything possible to keep the ranch trendy if was in the south west or North west .
Its sad that we are minority and not part of the regional development hegemony”.
“We are year in year out marginalized and we suffer social and economic inequality”
“In the other hand,of late we have had leaders who can’t see beyond their ego,greed and timidity”
Look at Amaechi concentrating railway projects in west/North. A rail line to the ranch has better objectives.
“I will make the ranch a UNESCO world heritage site,God’s willing the ranch will become the world destination”
So help me God!

~ Koko Dan.

“D irony is dat our current Governor hails from dere.
R we to believe he doesn’t c d economic benefits of dat wonderful tourist site?
Two days ago I watched d projects dat werecommissioned in Lagos but couldno tunderstand why dat guy was denied a return ticket.
A greater shock was what I saw being commissioned in Borno inspite of all d distractions by boko haram.

~ Julius Mbina.


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