Former Governor, Top Politicians Linked To Death Of Uyo Job Seeker, Iniuobong Umoren — According To Investigation


Senator Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, has been advised not to threaten him with a lawsuit over his findings and publication on the killing of Miss Iniubong Umoren by an independent investigative journalist, David Hundeyin.




Hundeyin claimed in a series of tweets and other online postings that Akpabio and his wife were involved in the rape and subsequent death of Iniuobong Umoren, a 26-year-old Nigerian woman.


Davok hotel, which is located at 58, G Unit, also known as plot S9,Unit G, Ewet Housing, Estate, Uyo and was used by the suspect(s) for their nefarious operations, is owned by Akpabio’s wife, according to Hundeyin.



In response, Akpabio wrote to Hundeyin through his lawyer, Otobong Inyang Esq, demanding a retraction of a news article and an apology within 14 days, failing which he would pursue legal action.


Rather than apologizing, Hundeyin has asked Airtel and MTN for permission to disclose the voice recording of the discussion between the alleged suspects, claiming that this will put an end to the situation.


“Instead of sending old policemen to argue with me on TV or threatening me with lawsuits, just authorise Airtel and MTN to release the voice note of the discussion between Frank Akpan and Kufre Effiong,” he tweeted under the name @DavidHundeyin. This is a really simple solution that will put an end to the debate. There’s no need to talk a lot.”

In a letter to the author of the publications, Akpabio, a former Senate Minority Leader, made the request via the BusinessDay Media organization.


The letter, dated Wednesday, May 12, 2021, and signed by the Minister’s lawyer, Otobong Inyang Esq, was in reaction to a series of tweets and other online publications by the author implicating him (Akpabio) and his wife, Unoma Akpabio, in the rape and subsequent death of Umoren.

In the letter, Akpabio stated that the author had made claims implying that the hotel at 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate, also known as plot S9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, which the suspect(s) utilized for their activities was owned by his wife, which was false.


The author’s articles, according to Akpabio, convey the impression that he and his wife were not only implicated in Umoren’s killing, but also members of a syndicate that specialized in the procurement, sale, and/or usage of human body parts for ceremonial purposes, among other things.

“Reporter, Columnist, and Writer, and in the said capacity, you produced a claimed investigative report involving the alleged kidnapping, rape, and murder of one Iniobong Umoren, the late University of Uyo graduate,” the letter says in part.

“In the aforementioned Report, you said that a certain Kufre Effiong was complicit in the purported murder and also attempted to paint our clients as part of an alleged syndicate responsible for continuing the atrocious deed, which you published on your Twitter handle @DavidHundeyin, Facebook Page/Timeline, and on many online news channels/platforms such as NewsWireNGR of 1l/5/2021, e.t.c.

“In a line of the aforementioned paper, you stated: “Who exactly is Kufre Effiong? After scrolling through dozens, if not hundreds, of social media profiles with that name, I eventually located the answer. Mr. Effiong, it turns out, is a major fish in the civil service of the Niger Delta.

“After alleging that Uduak Akpan met with Kufre Effiong after the deceased’s abduction, rape, and murder, you went on to say in another paragraph of your report:

“The second option is more mundane, but no less terrifying. The property identified as 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate is also recognized on most digital maps as Plot S9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate due to the convoluted house numbering system in Uyo.

“Davok Suites, a prominent premium hotel in Uyo frequented by high-profile guests including the Cameroon national team, is also located at that address. This would be an excellent place for a politician’s close ally – say, a senior civil servant – to rest while executing a covert errand for his boss.

“For example, an errand like locating human parts for use in a ritual sacrifice ahead of the forthcoming election season.

“Whatever happened or is happening at 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate – and for whose advantage – Kufre Effiong is the only one who can answer…”

“On the 11th of May, 2021, you published the following message to the entire globe using your Twitter handle @DavidHundeyin:

“It has just come to my attention that Davok Suites, the hotel at the centre of the 58 Unit G/S. 9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate nexus involving Kufre Effiong and Frank uduak is owned by none other than Ekaette Akpabio, wife of Godswill Akpabio.”

The Minister demanded that the retractions and public apologies be published on NewswireNGR, the author’s Twitter handle, Facebook Page/Timeline, and all other online news/media platforms and channels where the publications were published.

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