Fund Theft:  UNICAL PGSG suspends Akpo Pius, impeached Emmanuel, elect new Senate President.


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Following the misappropriation, gross misconduct, misrepresentation and mismanagement of students funds, the University of Calabar Post Graduate Students Government (PGSG) has suspended Comrade Akpo Pius Undie, the Association’s president who is also a lecturer in the faculty of social science with a high level of questionable character that’s too ugly to befit the status of a lecturer in a high rated institution like University of Calabar.

Also, the Association has impeached comrade Utsu, Emmanuel A, the Senate President and elected Deputy Senate President, Senator Victor Essien as the new president of the PGSG 7th Senate.

According to an insider, Eric Azogor the Director of Information of the Post Graduate Student Government (PGSG) who hinted our correspondent said Akpo did not only disgrace himself, but has as well dent the image of an Obudu man due to his dubious and fraudulent attitude.

Stated below are the unthinkable and very disheartening
Operations of the so call President.


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We hereby bring to your notice the alarming misappropriation, gross mismanagement, and wanton embezzlement of the Post Graduate Students Government (PGSG) funds, and the unauthorized collection of levies by the President of the Association, Mr. Akpo Pius Undie.
Hereunder are the listed unauthorized collections in order of perpetrations:
Imposition of five hundred thousand Naira (#500,000.00) allegedly borrowed with interest, on behalf of the association for the purpose of inauguration of the 2018/2019 PGSG leadership.
It must be clearly sounded here that the Executive council of 2018/2019 PGSG before her inauguration agreed to source for a sum of three hundred thousand naira (#300,000.00) only for the purpose aforementioned, to be refund to its source(s) pending the approval and release of the budget for that purpose by the University management. The President and the Treasurer of the association pledged to provide the sum of #300,000.00 pending when the association would be buoyant enough to pay back. Note clearly also that there was no request, neither was there any agreement by both parties to pay interest on the money to be provided. Also the money was never presented, received nor confirmed by the other executive members who requested for it, to be unanimously and judiciously allocated for expenditure. The President and the Treasurer went ahead with the expenditure of the money, as planned and concluded by them alone, for the purpose of the inauguration. Evidence of this agreement is contained in the minute of the meeting held.

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Deductions of approved take off grants due to each member of the executive and legislative arms of PGSG by the President, Mr. Akpo Pius Undie.
At least twenty thousand naira (#20,000.00) was illegally deducted from each member take off grants, thus, a total of six hundred and ten thousand naira (#610,000.00) was ignorantly signed and collected by members of the executive and the legislature, as the payment template signed and approved by the university management which sum up the total take of grant of One million and eight hundred thousand naira (#1,800,000.00) released to the union’s account. Evidence of these deductions is attached herein.
To this end, a total amount of four hundred and ninety five thousand naira (#495,000.00) dues of five thousand naira (#5,000) each was paid by 99 post graduate students. On 3/07/2019, Mr. Akpo Pius Undie signed and collected the sum of One hundred and sixty thousand (#160,000.00) from the bursary (student unit). On 5/07/201, Mrs. Gladys Effa, with the instruction of Mr. Akpo Pius Undie, signed and collected the sum of One hundred and seventy two thousand naira (#172,000.00). These amounted to a total sum of three hundred and thirty two thousand naira(#332,000.00) (dues collected for 2016/207 academic session) which was illegally signed and collected by Mr. Akpo Pius Undie and Mrs. Gladys Effa, respectively, without the knowledge and authorization of both executive and senate of the PGSG. The evidences are attached herein.

There is an ongoing illegal collection of the sum of One thousand and five hundred (#1,500.00) naira from innocent post graduate students, organized by Mr. Akpo Pius Undie for a purported ‘PG Day’ and ‘PG Identity card’, payable at the account unit of University of Calabar Graduate school and at Heritage bank Plc, Calabar branch, with account number 6000873861. Evidence of this illegal collection is attached herein.

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That the exact amount of three hundred thousand naira (#300,000.00) only, approved by the school management for the 2018/2019 PGSG inaugural ceremony be strictly adhered to, with no interest payable as agreed.

That the monies illegally deducted from the take off grants due to each members of the PGSG executive and legislature be made refund to the office of the dean of Student Affairs of the University of Calabar, Calabar, with immediate effect and for proper disbursement to their respective owners.

That all financial officers of PGSG be stopped forthwith, from accessing all coffers and monies belonging to the association, unless such request is given assent to by the Dean, Student affairs.

That evidence of remittances (if any), into the PGSG account of all sums collected by Akpo Pius Undie be made available for confirmation with immediate effect.

That all financial officers (signatories to PGSG account) and officers responsible for collection of all monies on behalf of PGSG in the University, be summoned immediately to the office of the Dean of Students affairs to give account of their services.

That the officers, especially those involved and in connivance with Akpo Pius Undie in the extortion of #1,500.00 from post graduate students be arraigned alongside Akpo Pius Undie immediately before the Dean of Student Affairs and Chief security officer of the University of Calabar for questioning.

We appeal that the University of Calabar management use all available means to recover all Post Graduate Student Government money from the principal culprit, Mr. Akpo Pius Undie, since he is a staff of the University of Calabar.

That any resistance to these demands by Akpo Pius Undie and his cohorts shall be met with fierce response by the post graduate students.

Should the association not satisfied with the outcome of the ongoing peaceful consultations with the school management on this matter we will have no choice than to mobilize all congress men of the post graduate students of the University of Calabar for a fierce protest in the University campus and on all social media handles.

We hereby strongly pray, believing in the integrity of the management of the University of Calabar, that this case before it will NOT be swept under the carpet, but upheld with immediate effect.

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_______________ __________________
Nyanko Asuquo .
For President Victor Essien
For Senate President

This is a communique of the 7th senate of Postgraduate Student’s Government of the University of Calabar, during an emergency session of the 7th PGSG senate held in the common lounge of postgraduate students’ hostel on the 23rd day of July, 2019, which was attended by 13 senators and a large number of postgraduate students and other observers reached the following resolutions.

• That a vote of no confidence has been passed on the senate president of the 7th senate of PGSG, senator Utsu, Emmanuel A. by more than two third majority of senators in attendance and he therefore stands impeached. This is following gross misrepresentation of the constitution and connivance with unscrupulous elements to disrupt senate session.
• That following the impeachment of Utsu, Emmanuel A, the Deputy Senate President, Senator Victor Essien Eyo has been elected by more than two third majority of senators in attendance as the new senate president of the 7th senate is recognized as the senate President with immediate effect and all constitutional powers and privileges.
• Mr. Akpo Pius Undie stands suspended following allegations of grievous constitutional infractions and abuse of office by more than two third majority of the senators in attendance and therefore Miss Nyaknno Asuquo becomes the acting president of PGSG in line with the provisions of PGSG constitution.
Following the above, we therefore inform the general public and the entire University community that any dealings, business or transaction with either Mr. Akpo Pius Undie or Mr. Utsu Emmanuel A. should be on personal grounds and not as officers of PGSG of the University of Calabar.
The 7th senate has commenced investigations on the numerous allegations against Mr. Akpo Pius Undie and will act accordingly in line with the constitution of PGSG.

Through the office of the Director of Information Post Graduate Student Government (PGSG)

Eric Azogor


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