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Give Bandits Money and Stop Fighting Insecurity Wrongly —Sheikh Gumi Attacks President Buhari

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Give Bandits Money and Stop Fighting Insecurity Wrongly —Sheikh Gumi Attacks President Buhari


Sheikh Gumi has revealed that the current administration is fighting insecurity wrongly, adding that bandits were in a hurry to make money.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic cleric, revealed the reason for the increase in bandit activity in Nigeria on Monday.

Most bandits, according to Gumi, were in a rush to make more money before security agents caught up with them.

The Islamic cleric told DAILY POST exclusively that the rush was to blame for the rise in kidnappings and ransom demands.

Gumi claimed that the majority of bandits have laid down their weapons and that only a few fragments are still attacking.

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“What is happening is that when you spray an insecticide in a room infested with mosquitoes, there is an initial reaction, which is what is happening,” Gumi explains. Both sides are putting undue pressure on bandits, which may be why we’re seeing the results we’re seeing now.

“However, I believe what is happening is that no one has spoken to them to draw attention to their dilemma, and as a result, they are extremely divided.

“The majority of the bandits we met with have laid down their weapons and are ready to resume talks. Others, on the other hand, are thinking, “We will conquer them, but in the meantime, we will make the most profit out of the scheme,” which is why they are so rushed that they now kill their victims, they now want ransom payments done faster than when they had enough time and the forest to themselves.”

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Gumi also blamed previous administrations, including the present one, for the problem of banditry.

He said that the rise in banditry was due to herdsmen’s long marginalization and neglect.

“What we have now is the result of a long process of neglect by previous administrations of herdsmen, utter neglect, marginalization, and no one showing concern for their plight, so in that case, I blame all previous governments.

“This government should address this issue in the proper manner; they are attempting to address it in the incorrect manner, thereby exacerbating the problem,” he added.

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