Governor Ben Ayade Is The First Governor In Nigeria Who Hasn’t Completed A Single Road After 360 Days In Office — Ifere Paul


Let’s Review Ayade First Class Achievement.

By Ifere Paul

1. First Nigerian to make a First Class that turned into a Second Class Lower inside the cupboard.

2. First Ph.D Student that became a professor in less than 6 months without a textbook or research seminars and papers.

3. First Environmental Scientist to invent a water remediation plant using solar panels but without the design template.

4. Assumed First youngest governor, only that Donald was younger.

5. First governor from Northern Cross River State and from Obudu.

6. First governor to be self appointed commissioner of tourism in Nigeria.

7. First governor to ever conceive a digital superhighway in Nigeria. Only that it has no EIA from the beginning and the latest published EIA is haphazardly done.

8. First governor to want a Deep Seaport paid for in advance.

9. First governor to dream about a garment factory with computer operated sawing machines. It is not the first and not the biggest in Africa. The biggest is in Ethiopia. And the cost of construction is a little over 238.5 Million Naira equivalent.

11. First Senator to conceive the Ogoja garment factory at 150 Million Naira. Now the same garment factory is 2.7 Billion Naira. Only two years afterwards. What has changed?

12. First governor to dream about a Green Police. Wonderful idea.

13. First governor to be decorated as the Field Marshal, I meant Inspector General of G. Police.

14. First governor to allow waste on the streets of Calabar but wants to start a free wash your car campaign as a year celebration in office. What about washing our streets of toxic contaminants? Hmmm.

15. First governor to pay workers salaries on the 1st of May. A reason that civil servant in Calabar took the strike serious as other State returned to work.

16. Governor Ben Ayade is the first governor in Nigeria who hasn’t completed a single road after 360 days in office. And will be the worst governor without a road commissioning project in a year from the days of Esuene.

17. First governor with the highest MoU in Nigeria.

18. Inspector General, Ben Ayade is the first governor to revoke lands up to 20 kilometers either side of the road because of a superhighway.

19. Commissioner Ayade is the highest travelled
Nigeria. Travelling 2 months at a stretch for one investment seeking trip that brought only MoU.

20. First governor to run a soil sampling test abroad for a project at home.

21. First governor without a blueprint.

22. First governor to appoint a brother as co-governor.

23. First civilian governor to tear gas peaceful demonstrators because the demonstration is not in his support.

24.What other achievement can you remember?

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