HELP! Attack On Ayade: Wike Needs Immediate Psychiatric Attention, Says C/River IPAC


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HELP! Attack On Ayade: Wike Needs Immediate Psychiatric Attention, Says C/River IPAC

As the saying goes, tongue is the index of character. Nothing else would confirm the veracity of this age long adage than the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, whose psyche may be degenerating to that of a man suffering from acute mental disorder.

Gov Wike himself, confirm this fear last week when, maybe thinking he was in a balanced state of mind, he decided to give an update on the state of Covid-19 in Rivers State also known as “Rivers Of Blood”, a tag depicting the state of lawlessness and bloodletting in the streets of the state under Wike’s watch.

Addressing a press conference which was aired live on AIT and other electronic and online media outlets, Gov Wike veered off the curve and launched an unprovoked attack on the person of the Governor of Cross River State, Professor Ben Ayade, and in the process called him Ayade a “Boy”.

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This are Wike’s words: “Cross River State Governor is their boy, but if I said so it will be interpreted that I’m challenging the Federal Government.

“Cross River Governor is one of their good boys, so they won’t see anything bad from the statement he said that NCDC will be quarantine.”
What an insult! Only a shameless man suffering from psychosis would have put up such a despicable act and crying like a baby over rice given by the Federal Government as Covid-19 palliative.

Like King Saul of Israel in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit had departed him and the evil spirit overwhelmed him at that moment. If not, why should Gov Wike, a governor of a state in Nigeria as River State always talk like one who is overwhelmed by inhalation and abuse of hard drugs.

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But, let it be known that what Gov Wike said about the Cross River State Governor, an academic and lawyer, shows that the Rivers State governor lacked proper parental upbringing.
Therefore, it is no surprise that more often than not, he relapses to his original uncivilized state, especially whenever he is talking in public.
In case Wike and his supporters in Cross River State who are celebrating such level of dementia didn’t know, I state unequivocally that Gov Wike didn’t just insult Ayade, but insulted the entire people of Cross River State, with a population of about 4 million Crossriverians.
Comparatively, Wike cannot match Ayade in any context, from academics to governance, human relations, government to government relations, name it!

Does Wike expect Ayade to automatically become an enemy of Abuja because he (Wike) considers himself an enemy of the federal government? Were the rice 1,800 bags of rice sent to Rivers State through Cross River State as transit camp in Ayade’s custody? Is it not ironic, stupid and childish for Gov Wike to claim that Rivers State does not need rice, yet he turns around to cry uncontrollably over the same rice? If Wike knows anything like honour, he would have ignored the rice, avoid mentioning Ayade and concentrated on his Covid-19 briefing..

But, the Rivers State governor, who possesses all the attributes of a an uncultured snip, even in his tone of speech and mannerisms, knowing too well that he had nothing reasonable to say, because he is shallow in knowledge and bereft of decorum decided to spew bunkum by insulting Ayade and the good people of Cross River State.
Wike should be reminded that when Ayade spoke in public on ways to stem the spread of the Covid-19, being a brilliant academic and scientists, he advocated the use face mask or nose mask in public, even when it was not fashionable before the World Health Organisation, WHO. As of today, Ayade has been vindicated. As a policy, Nigeria has adopted the measure against the spread of Covid-19, and the WHO has since changed its position in face of the use of face mask and nose mask.

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The is the difference between class here…. While Ayade has class, Gov Wike belongs to the other wing.
Let it be known to him , and his deluded supporters, even in Cross River State, that Ayade was not elected in 2015 and 2019 to become and enemy of Abuja to fight the federal government. Ayade did not make any campaign promise that he will fight the federal government if elected Governor of Cross River State. He only promised to do his best to improve the economic and total wellbeing of Cross River State and Crossriverians, through any justifiable means, including soliciting and getting the necessary financial and other forms of support from the federal government.

Ayade’s hallmarks shows that he is properly schooled in the arts of human, public and governmental relations, and not like many that has non of these to boast of.
If not for what many believe can be linked to his unsteady mental and psychological state, due to his nature of opening-up frontiers of war, where non existed before with Crossriverians, even when not provoked.
I think Gov Wike needs immediate attention of psychiatrists.

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For the avoidance of doubts, Gov Wike should know henceforth that I and many others like me in and from Cross River State will reply him in his own coin whenever his roving brain pushes him to insult the governor Professor Ben Ayade and by extension the good people of the state.

And to those Cross riverians celebrating Gov Wikes stupidity for political reasons, they should hide their faces in shame.
It is shameful and shocking that such people, among them respected citizens of the state, can sit down and clap for the very man whose utterances is nothing but blatant insult to them also.

To this bunch of people, especially the politicians among them, Gov Wike or anyone from anywhere else can colonise the state, so long as they make political gains out of such servant and master relationship.

They should know, henceforth, that we will never allow that happen, and we will face them gallantly whenever they hire mercenaries to attack our governor because they want to continue benefiting from the crumbs that fall from his table.

Gov Wike should take his schizophrenia elsewhere and live Ayade and the people of Cross River State out of his unwarranted fight with the federal government. Gov Wike’s enemies must not be Ayade’s enemies, and his wars must not be Ayade’s wars.

Goddie Akpama, Former Chairman, Inter-Party Advisory Council, Cross River State;
Former Cross River Stat Governorship Candidate, Progressives Peoples Alliance, PPA. 2011/12.


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