Guns Recovered By DSS Not Mine, FG Trying To Frame Me Up, Nigerians Are Aware Of Buhari’s Plans To Seize People’s Lands Across Nigeria For Foreign Fulani Herdsmen — Sunday Igboho Reveals Buhari Hidden Secret


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Guns Recovered By DSS Not Mine, FG Trying To Frame Me Up, Nigerians Are Aware Of Buhari’s Plans To Seize People’s Lands Across Nigeria For Foreign Fulani Herdsmen — Sunday Igboho Reveals Buhari Hidden Secret


Sunday Igboho responds to the claims, claiming that the guns displayed by the DSS are not his, and that he protects himself with traditional magic.

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba freedom fighter, has responded to the Department of State Services’ (DSS) demand that he turn himself in.

Igboho stated that the agency had no jurisdiction to proclaim him wanted because he had received no prior invitation from the agency and that the officers who raided his home did not use a search warrant.

He further claimed that the guns discovered in his home were the result of “government wizardry,” and that he only uses traditional powers for protection.

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This was said in a statement by his aide, Olayomi Koiki, entitled, “My Persecution By The Buhari Regime: Setting The Record Straight.”

Igboho explained that his intervention was prompted by the government’s failure to guarantee security for its inhabitants, emphasizing that his protests had never resulted in bloodshed.

He further claimed that the raid on his home was an attempt by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to quiet him in order for the killer-herdsmen, whom he has long opposed, to take control of the South-West region.

“The raid of my residence by Nigerian security agents and the Department of State Services’ (DSS) pronouncement that I’m sought has made it necessary for me to clear the air for Nigerians and the international community,” the statement stated.

In the early hours of Thursday, July 1, 2021, Nigerian security officers broke into my home. The invasion was carried out without the use of a search warrant. Before the invasion, I was not invited to any government facility for questioning or inquiry. The assailants who stormed my house destroyed my belongings, killed people, and took goods and money. The media has been flooded with images and videos of their atrocities.

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DSS Declares Igboho Wanted, Parades His Guards, Recovers Arms, Charms During Raid, according to Weetalknaija.

“Nigerians and the rest of the world are aware of my opposition to armed Fulani herdsmen killing, rapping, and kidnapping my people in Southwest Nigeria.

“My action was needed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s and his government’s refusal to curtail the murderous herdsmen’s criminal acts. Ordinarily, I would not have intervened if the government had done its job of protecting the Southwest and Nigeria as a whole from the President’s ethnic men’s illegal acts.

“To the best of my knowledge, my intervention has not resulted in any deaths or bloodshed. My strategy for combating criminality is to pursue criminal Fulani herders out of their hideouts with the help of the afflicted villages’ residents. Videos of such actions were broadcast live on social media because of the expected government retaliation.

The guns on display by the DSS are not mine.

“Nigerians, security operatives, and the presidency are all aware that I have never taken action against the peaceful Fulanis and other tribes living in the Southwest. As a result, my unjust punishment — for defending my people and community – is unexpected and unjustified.

”Following multiple failed attempts to link me to any crime, the Buhari dictatorship has decided to quiet me forcibly so that the criminal herders, who enjoy the government’s sympathy, protection, and immunity, can easily outrun the Southwest.

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“Nigerians and the international community are well aware of the presidency’s serial shenanigans and desperation to acquire people’s ancestral lands across Nigeria for foreign Fulani herders since they share ethnicity and occupation with the President. The determination to smear my identity stems from my perception as a danger to the Fulanisation program in the Southwest.

“Nigerians and the international community should be aware that the security officers who invaded my home either planted or harvested the ammunitions being exhibited in the media in my home in order to frame me. The weapons on display are not mine; they are a product of government magic. I defend myself with traditional means rather than guns.

The guns on display by the DSS are not mine.

“The federal government set me up, and the chain of events reveals the truth. If the security agents didn’t have a hidden agenda, why would they break into my house at night and destroy my surveillance cameras before carrying out their operation?

”In this day and age of technological innovation, why didn’t the security guards wear body cameras to record their behavior from the time they entered until the time they left? Their actions demonstrate that the Buhari dictatorship is incapable of resisting the use of drastic measures to stifle nonviolent social protests.

The guns on display by the DSS are not mine.

“Nigerians still remember the unjustified military invasion of Lekki, the gruesome killing of peaceful EndSARS protesters, and the evacuation of their bodies on October 20, 2020.

”During the attack of my home, a same strategy was used. Scores of people were killed and their bodies were taken away by security personnel. If Buhari’s dictatorship had succeeded in killing me, they would have claimed that “unknown gunmen” had attacked my residence.

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The guns on display by the DSS are not mine.

”Nigerians and the international community should be aware that desperate measures are being taken to compel those arrested to make confession statements that could lead to criminal charges. I advise the DSS to stop from their unprofessional conduct and dedicate such attention to removing insecurity.

”It is important for Nigerians and the international community to know that I am a law-abiding citizen with no blemishes. I ask President Buhari to tell his subordinates to stop using untruth and unethical techniques to smear my name in the interests of Nigerians who voted him into power.

”Such energy should be devoted to taming the herdsmen and bandits freely committing heinous crimes across Nigeria with impunity because their kinsman is in power.

The guns on display by the DSS are not mine.

”If the government had lived up to its responsibilities, the Yoruba people would not be demanding a nation. All attempts to silence us and acquire our ancestral land for local and foreign criminal herdsmen will fail.

“After the Nigerian government unjustly executed nonviolent campaigner Ken Saro-Wiwa, several Ken Saro-Wiwas appeared. Those that emerged after him confronted the government and almost brought Nigeria to its knees. My name is Saro-Wiwa, and I’m another Saro-Wiwa. As a result, I advise President Buhari to learn from the mistakes of previous administrations. I am not Nigeria’s problem and should not be framed up or intimidated for contributing my quota to ensure peace reigns in my region and country.”


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