Gv. Ayade’s Perspective Of Time As A Tool For Political Deliveries


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By Egbara Emmanuel, Calabar

There seems to be no doubt or disagreement that time is an important aspect of effective political deliveries, especially when politics is viewed from the perspective of “Who Gets What, When and How”. One characteristic feature of time is that it is associated with ‘Change’.

The change being projected here is that of concrete deliveries, frank presentation of facts and enhancement of the living condition of the masses, not just rhetoric.

Time could be looked at from the past, present and future; this is very important in political business because a short space of time could turn things around to the extent of jeopardizing previous plans and possibly turning things in a backward drive.

As such, it behoves on politicians to be very strategic while dealing with both stakeholders and electorates in the course of achieving certain political goals.

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Humans, true to selves, could operate across extreme thoughts especially in taking decisions about livelihood, of which politics plays a prominent role.

Whoever assumes office at a given period as the leader or representative of a people, to a large extent determines their political gains.

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Hence, the electorate could view political activities, especially promises from politicians with trepidation because over time, they have witnessed what is described in local parlance as “Promise and Fail” from politicians.

This promise and fail experience could easily lead to political apathy on the part of the electorate and on some occasion, as seen in certain parts of the country of late, Representatives of the people are pelted with stones by the masses with the excuse of non-performance.

The reason for this is usually traceable to unfulfilled promises or outright negligence of the people within a period of time that they considered good enough to have shown some goodwill to the electorate.

The incumbent administration in Cross River State ably led by Senator Benedict Ayade has demonstrated progressive delivery of democratic dividends over time.

Objective political watchers have attested to the fact that within the almost five years of being in the saddle as the State Governor, he had progressively fulfilled his campaign promises.

Through delivery of infrastructural projects across the state, empowering the youths through skill acquisition in various sectors, upgrade of educational institutions among others, he had sincerely opened the door of Prosperity for all Cross Riverianss.

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He had endeavored to shut the mouth of critics who all along had tried to project him as been tribal, others have seen him as stingy and have continued to describe that with ‘egho aria’. Some others said he abandoned all the unfinished projects of his predecessors while some opine that he is clueless.

Many others have said that there is deep rooted corruption in his administration. To their greatest dismay, he has proven every accusation to be false through deliveries that are continuing.

Indeed his administration has been that of a progressive walk. His reticent nature though misunderstood by some, is his strongest political weapon.

It affords him the privilege to meticulously go through policies and proposals while considering the financial position of the State, in order to adopt best practices for the good of all.
He is indeed a Political Enigma of sort.

Once again, as a man who understands Timing, he is seen looking at his time with a view to appropriately plan and make right projections towards scoring some political goals. He is a politician who believes that time is of essence and programmes/schedule should be adequately spread to fit into their right timing for optimum result.

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No wonder his train has commenced berthing on desirable ‘bus stops’ across the State once again, to interact with the people on the achievements of his government so far and to hear from them about unfulfilled expectations.

His listening ability has seen him meet obvious demands of the people to the admiration and commendation of both stakeholders and the masses.

He is a Governor that understands timing, he believes that government should not be run on propaganda but fulfillment of promises and continuous interaction with the people for a better assessment of performance and to make adequate projections that would meet the needs of the people.

He deserves our total Support for a fruitful second tenure because he is the man for the time.

Arise Cross Riverians! Let’s Support Senator Benedict Ayade as the Governor of Cross River State.


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