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HOT NEWS!! Tension In U.S As Donald Trump Declares War

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HOT NEWS!! Tension In U.S As Donald Trump Declares War


Trump ‘ declared war‘ to Senate Republican leader McConnell. ” ” Russia Today” (RT) reported on the subject that former US President Trump issued a long statement on the 16th local time to the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell launched a fierce attack, accusing the latter of being a ” cold, gloomy, and unsmiling politician” and saying that ” the third- rate ‘ leaders’ should not be allowed to dominate our future” . It seems that he will be ousted and directed at McConnell.

According to the report, the long statement begins by saying: ” With a political ‘ leader’ like Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Party will never be respected or strong again. ” ” McConnell is committed to maintaining it as always. The status quo policy, coupled with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skills, and personality, made him quickly from the majority leader to the minority leader, and the situation will only get worse. ”

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The statement said, ” Democrats and Chuck Schumer (the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate) played McConnell between applause- they have never enjoyed such a wonderful thing- and they want to continue this way! We know, Our ” America First” agenda is the winner, not McConnell’ s ” Washington First” agenda or Biden’ s ” America Last” . ”

The report also quoted Trump as saying that his ” only regret” was to endorse McConnell during the Kentucky Senate campaign in 2020. Trump vowed to support Republicans in supporting his ” America First” policy agenda and The Republican primary challenged the establishment candidates.

” When necessary and appropriate, I will support those primary candidates who support the policy of ‘ Make America Great Again’ and ‘ America First’ . We need smart, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leaders, ” Trump wrote that he also called McConnell ” a cold, gloomy, and unsmiling politician. ”

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” This is an important moment for our country. We cannot let third- rate ‘ leaders’ dominate our future! ” the statement read.


McConnell has repeatedly expressed strong dissatisfaction with Trump before and after the impeachment trial. ” McConnell also talked about congressional riots in a column in the Wall Street Journal on the 15th, saying, ” There is no doubt that former President Trump bears moral responsibility, ” ” His supporters rushed into the Capitol because He yelled those crazy lies into the biggest megaphone in the world. From attacking Vice President Mike Pence during the riots to praising the criminals after the riots, his behavior during and after the riots was immoral. ”

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In addition, many US media have mentioned that a few days before Trump’ s statement was issued, on the afternoon of February 5th local time, the US Senate voted on the impeachment case against President Trump. The impeachment clause was not passed. Trump was found not guilty.



HOT NEWS!! Tension In U.S As Donald Trump Declares War

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