HOT!!! President Buhari Is Close To His Grave — Biafra Nation League Threatens Nationwide Attacks


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BOMBSHELL!!! President Buhari Is Close To His Grave — Biafra Nation League Threatens Nationwide Attacks


Biafra Nation League has threatened Nationwide Attacks, adding that President Buhari is on the verge of death.

President Muhammadu Buhari and his Cameroonian counterpart, Paul Biya, have been labeled as men on the verge of death by the Biafra Nations League.

The secessionist group urged both presidents against using military force to suppress their supporters.

The breakaway organization issued the warning while ordering its members and sympathizers to defend themselves if Cameroonian or Nigerian forces attacked.

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BNL’s National Leader, Princewill Chimezie Richard, Deputy National Leader, Ebuta Akor Takon, Chief of General Staff, Linus Essien, and Chief Head of Operations, Henry Edet, all signed a statement saying that their actions, particularly in Bakassi Peninsula, will be difficult in comparison to what is going on in the South South and South Eastern areas.

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Buhari and Biya were also condemned by BNL as “half-dead old guys who believe in using military force to suppress peaceful protest despite being close to their graves.”

The secessionist organization ordered Cameroon to keep away from their activities and stop targeting their members, warning that “if BIR attacks its members again, BNL militia loyalists will invade Douala.”

From May 30, the group stated, all foreign vessels, including those from Cameroon, would be barred from entering Nigeria.

Early yesterday, there was a tragic rumor that some suspected Nigerian army invaded and killed a popular IPOB lady.

Earlier this month, a report said that the suspected army assassinated the renowned commander of the ESN group security network (Eastern Security Network).

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However, the group has issued a strong warning, stating that their security agency has been trained and that they are all on high alert.

The gang asserted, however, that they were not involved in the recent assault on Imo State, as the state governor claimed, and that their main purpose is to build their own republic, not to fight the government.


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