How Security Guards Of ‘Jesus The Saviour International School’ In Rivers State Allegedly Kidnapped And Murder 17-Year-Old-Boy (See Photos)


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How Security Guards Of ‘Jesus The International School’ In Rivers State Allegedly Kidnapped And Murder 17-Year-Old-Boy (See Photos)



Refer to the above Subject Matter.

We are Counsel to the Petitioners MRS UCHE ANIEKWE AND FAMILY, whom we shall hereinafter refers to as our Client and on whose instruction we write to your sir.

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Our Client briefed us on 02/08/2021; that in the morning of 21/07/2021, two security guards working with St. Christopher’s Security Services LTD, but attached to JESUS THE SAVIOUR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LTD, ELELE, RIVERS STATE called her on phone and invited her to the school, where her son, a 17-year old, by name MASTER CHIBUIKE VICTOR NWOKEDI (now missing or probably killed) was unlawfully arrested, tortured, dehumanized, abducted and being detained by them.

That our client while on phone asked the school guards; the offence her son committed and why are they detaining him? Our client was informed by both security guards and the school authority; “that they saw her son early in the morning of that day, 21st July 2021, sleeping inside one of the school’s class rooms and our client should start coming down to the school immediately.”

Frantically, our client ran to the school to meet with the security guards and the school authority, that she had on the previous day, being the 20th day of July 2021, instructed her son to come down to the school, in order for she and her son to park his remaining luggage in the school dormitory since the school authority had in the month of April 2021, expelled him because he left the school dormitory to his parent HOME, before the official closing date for the school’s Easter Break, after all her pleadings to the school to forgive and re-admit her son.

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On getting to the school to meet with the security guards, our client was informed that her son has been handed over to the men of the local and notorious vigilante, popularly known as OSPAC in Elele, Rivers state. The security guards informed our client; that they saw her son was caught sleeping in one of the school’s class room and they found with him; a bunch of keys and (his) GSM phone.

That they asked him; why was he sleeping in the class room and what he came to do in the school? that her son told them; he arranged with his mother to come to the school, to park his luggage the previous day, being on Tuesday, the 20th July 2021, but could not arrive at Elele earlier and also was not able to contact his mother through her phone number when he arrived, to know their next plan, but decided to sleep in one of the school’s class rooms for his safety until the next day to get in touch with his mother.

Not been satisfied with his narration and reasons for sleeping inside the school; the school authority, through its security guards handed him over to the notorious OSPAC men.

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We were informed by our client that a woman in the school was the one who brought the phone number of the OSPAC’s men whom they handed our client’s son, and before them; he was terribly assaulted, beaten and tortured ‘for no just cause’ before he abducted by OSPAC’s men, along with the two security guards and the said woman.

That our client was directed on that same morning of 21st July 2021 to the OSPAC’s office in Elele by the school authority which refused to go along with her. That when our client got to the OSPAC’s office and met with their head (director/superior) at Elele who confirmed their unlawful arrest and detention of her son, he refused to allow our client to see or meet with her son. Our client was told by him to go back home and come back the next day, being on Thursday, the 22nd July 2021, having waited until late in the evening without been able to meet with the team that unlawfully abducted her son.

That our client returned very early in the morning of Thursday as was adviced by the said superior, yet our client was given the same excuse; that the OSPAC’s men who arrested her son had gone out on patrol. Then and immediately, our client went to the nearest Divisional police station in Elele, where she reported the incident and her ordeal at the hand of the notorious OSPAC.

On getting to the station, our client reported the case, but was refused to write her statement by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of the station for a reason best known to him, until the kind and prompt intervention of her brother-in-law who called a senior ranking police officer of the Nigeria Police Force, who called and spoke with the said DPO, and thereon told the DPO to allow our client to write her statement.

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Hence, our client was surprised when the DPO informed her that the school proprietors or principal officers of Jesus the Saviour International School Limited, Elele, had come to the station earlier to report the same case. This made our client to raise alarm of suspicion and immediately inform her siblings and family members which led to the transfer of the case from the Divisional Police Station, Elele to the Rivers state Police Command, Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Therefore, from the above stench event and unfortunate dark story, our client informed our law firm that the Rivers state Police Command had magnanimously swung into action since on 26th day of July 2021, by commencing investigation, arrested and detaining till date, the two security guards and the said woman who brought the phone number of the notorious OSPAC’s men that abducted our client’s son from the school authority and custody.

Till date, and to our information, the Police command is yet to find, invite or being able to trace the whereabouts of the notorious OSPAC’s men and their superiors or have the invitations sent to various persons or authorities that employed the notorious OSPAC men to honour its invitations sent to them by the State Command.

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