I Cheated On My Husband And I Want To Confess To Him But I Don’t Want To Lose My Home — What Can I Do


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l had to tell someone to help me tell this story to help me seek opinion by sharing it on the media platforms. l know that l will be bashed for what I’m about to say but l really need to get this off my mind.
l cheated on my husband in 2018, and I did this mistake with my Ex. Since that year, l have not been myself.

l have confessed to Pastors but l can’t forget it and my mind keep telling me that God has forgotten about me because whenever l pray, l find it difficult to concentrate and that’s why l want to confess to him. l know he might send me packing because he said something like that to me and the fear is what is keeping me from confessing to him. l don’t want to be disgraced out of my home because my husband will definitely do anything he meant.

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l really need your advice for help. You can say anything you like to me but I don’t mind because I think I deserve more than that for being a loose woman. Help me because depression wants to take over my life that l think of suicide to escape shame and mockery from people in case he finds out.

Please your advise is highly needed.

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