George Floyd: Check Yourself, Some People Under You Cannot Breathe

George Floyd

I have been obsessed with this news, it has given me sleepless night.
Never felt such pain for something that doesn’t even concern me.
This is not just about racism.
It’s about being consumed by hate such that u have no feeling of empathy for another. It’s also about holding onto a negative attitude such that it erodes your sense of reasoning.

Some people, when they attain a particular position in life, perhaps leadership position in the Church or secular world, people under them can’t breathe.

Imagine how many people you have killed by your oppressive leadership, hatred and lack of respect for human dignity. Many are mentally and emotionally abused by your actions. They can’t even breath.

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Some just hate their fellow human being for nothing, maybe because their religion is different, maybe they are not your candidate, maybe they are not your class.

There’s always one insignificant reason to justify why you dislike someone.
This particular cop has lost his job, charged for murder, his wife has left him, the whole country is thrown into chaos just because of hate. Just because he refused to hear a plea.

Some people can’t let go of negative feeling towards someone.
You allow jealousy, lack of forgiveness cultivate in your heart, and of course it germinates to hatred and escalates to your own destruction.

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Why do you choose to use your privileged position to destroy, humiliate and even kill others. One day, God’s judgement may come upon you like this cop.

Wait, before you condemn that cop, check yourself.
Some people under you or close to u can’t breathe.

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