I have no single sympathy for Sacked Governor Emeka Ihedioha, I pity Nigeria


Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

Politicians get hold of power and make themselves god.

After he was announced winner, Ihedioha illegally suspended duly elected LGA officers, taking abusive advantage of political instruments within his reach.

My PDP brothers, sisters and friends supported the illegal removal because it seemed like it favoured them, some began to warm up to contest and take council positions.

The reason some of them gave is that Rochas Okorocha did the same thing in 2011.

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So, after accusing Okorocha of doing illegality and promising to do things legally and with due process, Ihedioha went on to repeat illegality. And PDP folks praised him, over looked the illegality?

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I repeat, I don’t sympathise with Ihedioha. I pity Nigeria.

If we continue to close our eyes when illegality is committed, one day, unexpectedly, you will suffer from the same illegality you supported.

Let us stop clamouring for the coming and going of politicians and start clamouring for
1) Electoral reforms
2) Strict adherence to rule of law, even if it seems that it favours your enemy. If it’s within law, Defend it! If it’s Illegal, call it out. That’s how Nigeria will win.

My advice to Hope Uzodinma:

If there are good works that Ihedioha has commenced like the pension reforms and newly awarded road construction, continue with them. It favours Imo people.

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Open up those structures like the Police headquaters and High Court Okorocha built which Ihedioha locked up.

Make Imo people the centre of your government.

Don’t make yourself a ‘god’. 2023 is around the corner, Imo people knows how to shock politicians.

Let Imo move forward!


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