I Paid My Own Dowry, Build His Mother A House Thinking That He Will Be Mine Forever But I Was Wrong — Lady Cries Out


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I Paid My Own Dowry, Build His Mother A House Thinking That He Will Be Mine Forever But I Was Wrong


A woman who loved her husband so much and tried to please him by paying her own dowry with her own money has narrated her story. Joyce said her parents got sperated at the age of 6 and her mother developed mental illness.

Joyce ran away from home at the age of 14 to leave with her husband, a driver. Joyce started a charity organisation and got a sponsor who asked her to make African beads and come to Dubai to sell them. Joyce started selling her beads and African arts in Dubai and sent all the money to her husband. Joyce paid her own dowry for her husband to be respected. Joyce built a house for her mother-in-law and built a house where she lived with her husband.

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Her business was booming, Joyce travelled to Dubai again for business. After selling, she sent all the money to her husband, whom she thought loved her. Joyce called her husband but he didn’t take her calls. When Joyce returned, she was told by her neighbour that her husband had sold their house and left the kids with them.


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Joyce was shattered. She traveled to her in-laws, who threw her out of the house she built for them. She was told she was not the woman they want for their son and a new woman was introduced to her. Joyce is now back on the street selling onions by the roadside in order to pay her children’s school fees. Was her husband ungrateful, can you do same for someone you love? He thought he would be hers forever and trusted him with her money.

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