‘I Was Born Without Legs, My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Caregiver, It Was Painful’ – Beautiful Lady Born Without Legs Shares Emotional Story


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Lady born without Legs shared her experiences with his boyfriend.

Eunice narrates how she was betrayed by people she loved and trusted so much with her life. Eunice, who was born with a disability, shared her story.

Her parents died when she was 3 years old, and she was left in the care of her grandparents. She was humiliated, insulted, and demeaned in school because of her disability.

She felt sad that she couldn’t run with her peers because of her disability. She was “very upset” when a classmate asked her why she didn’t have legs. She cried and asked her grandparents to send her to a disability school.

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After graduation, she searched and searched for a job but was unable to find a job because of her disability. She later moved in with her brother. One of her family members volunteered to assist her and take care of her because of her disability. It wasn’t long until she met someone she liked and they started dating; he came to see her often until the unexpected happened.

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When she got home one day, after a long day of searching for a job, she found him and her caregiver on the couch embracing each other. When they saw her, they pretended to not be doing anything since they were in a state of awe.

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“The most terrible event of my life, because I loved him so much,” says Eunice. When she tried to get in touch with her ex-boyfriend, he told her to never call his phone again and to delete all of his memories.

According to her, the caregiver tendered an apology. In the end, though, she was able to move on and forgive her. She cry every day since she couldn’t find a man to love her and marry her. Having a disability has made it difficult for her to get a job, she said.

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As her brother prepares to get married, she is begging friends and family to please help her start a cosmetics business and rent an apartment for her so she won’t be a financial burden to him. She always cry knowing she will may not find a man to marry her and might never find a job because of her disability now her carer snatched the only man that loved her from her…click here to read more…


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