I was raped while coming back from crossover night

Rape gateman

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A lady of 22 years identified as Blessing has taken to her facebook page to share her sad experience on early hours of 1st January 2020.
“I attend assemblies of God church, after the pastor preached and prophesied on the crossover night I was so happy and filled with joy and happiness. I was happy to see the dawn of a new beginning. I never knew I will experience the saddest thing in my life in the next few minutes.
Our pastor ended his preaching by 12:30 after wishing us a happy new year. I was feeling so tired and I wanted to go home but my friends told me to sleep in the church till it’s 5am but I was so tired.

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I left the church compound believing that the road will be so busy tonight because many people will be celebrating the new year.
I got to a point where I saw four boys shooting knockout and I greeted them happy new year they responded, as I was about to leave one told me to stop and I kept going. He repeated again stop or I will shoot you. I became afraid and stopped he walked towards me and pointed his gun at me. The four boys came and forced me to a nearby bush and raped me 2 times each.

I am sharing this story with tears and sorrow. I was crying going home. I don’t know that people will think of evil on the 1st of a new year. I don’t know their faces but I pray that God will punish and judge them. I curse them that they won’t be alive to see the end of January 2020.

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