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I Went To See My Fiance’s Parents, Only To Discover That His Mum Was Also My Mum

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Growing up as a child wasn’t a rosy one for me. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a child that was born with silver spoon because I went through hell.

On some nights, I would go to bed without eating. On very bad days, I would sustain lots of injuries as a result of the beating I received from people I lived with.

As at the age of knowing what is good and bad, I found myself in a Motherless babies home. Before then, I used to see every child as my siblings. I saw the lack of resemblance, the disunity and several other factors that sent the signal to me that we weren’t siblings.

On several occasions, I saw dignitaries come to where I live to donate foodstuffs. They come with items such as bags of rice, provisions like milo, milk, sugar and cornflakes. They also brought items like tissue papers, soaps and other materials.

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I lacked motherly care and affection. I attended my primary, secondary and tertiary education while in the motherless babies home.

When it was time for me to get married, a young man called Ken came my way. He looked charming and disciplined. He was educated too. I felt we could build a home together.

He proposed to marry me, I accepted. The whole engagement process played out very fast. A date was fixed in which I shall visit his parents.

On getting to his parents house, I met his parents, they welcomed me in such a nice way. Something was not right as we had a conversation. I noticed the mother of my fiance staring at me constantly. I got worried. I started thinking if I had met her somewhere before that time.

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It wasn’t long, she called me aside. She told me to show her my back, I did. She also told me to show her my thigh, I also did.

She recommended I go for a DNA test. I took the result to her. On seeing the result, she fell to the ground and started crying, I was surprised.

I thought I had a genetic disorder. Another thought that came to my mind was that those birth marks I had on those parts of my bodies were spell casted on me.

She started pleading for forgiveness. She narrated how she had thrown me away after my birth because she lacked the available resources to take care of me. She said she has a strange feeling immediately she saw me, which was the very reason she demanded I show her my back and thigh. She also said to clear her doubts, she had to recommend the DNA test.

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I don’t know what to do at the moment.

I feel like not forgiving her because my heart is heavy.

What do you suggest I do? I’m thinking about my marriage.

I love my fiance.

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