“I Wish I Could Change Everything” — Lady Who Got Pregnant for Her Husband’s Friend Says She Regrets It 


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A lady who got pregnant for her husband’s friend says she regrets her actions, www.weetalknaija.com.ng report.

Esther Wairimu is a woman in tears after she was left to fend for her four kids alone after her marriage went south Wairimu spoke to Kenya’s Tuko.co.ke in an interview detailing how she ended up getting pregnant with twins for a family friend while she was still married to another man The mother of four said she could do anything to undo the consequences of what she did as she is a distraught mother at the moment.


Wairimu is generally a joyful lady who is very hardworking that she even owns a school in Naivasha. But after her marriage several years ago, her husband began to cheat on her, something that drained her emotionally.


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The man was an absentee husband and father, and nothing she said was working to bring him back home to her.


“I tried to talk to him, but he kept going back to those women. One time when my son was getting initiated into adulthood, my ex-husband was required to be present as a father figure, but he wasn’t. So I called him and texted him, but he was unreachable,” she told Kenya’s Tuko.co.ke in an interview. 

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When Wairimu was delivering their second-born baby at the hospital, her husband was putting up with another woman. He even brought her to the hospital when visiting his wife. “After about five minutes of seeing me at the hospital I heard her say “Sweetie twende” (Honey lets go).

They couldn’t even hide it,” she narrated. He came to her rescue Wairimu then pleaded with a family friend to stand in as a father figure for her son and the man agreed. 

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The single mother of four says that after the ceremony, the man kept checking on her son to see whether he was healing well. He would also give the young man some manly advice.


“He supported me with household stuff when I was in need and soon we became close. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was pregnant. I was shocked when I went to the hospital and was informed that I was expecting twins. Where was I going to take them? I am stressed. I feel like i have failed as a mother. I do not expect the family friend to help raise the kids because we were not even in a relationship. I wish I could give the kids away,” Wairimu said. A life full of regrets The mom said that she lives every day thinking about her life before the babies and how she would have done things differently.

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She said that she is yet to accept that her life has changed this much from just one night. “I wish someone would just tell me that everything would be okay, I want to be okay and accept the reality so I can go back to running my school,” she said.


The troubled woman now says that she hasn’t even bonded with her twins and feels like she has let them down. “I don’t even have enough milk to feed them, I rely on formula but because i am in so much debt, i cant even afford it right now,” she said. Her most pressing need right now is to get a therapist who would walk with her through the journey of acceptance and tell her that everything will be okay. Lady bitter as she narrates how she learnt ex-hubby was having an affair with her mum

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Meanwhile, Weetalknaija.com.ng previously reported that a lady had found out her ex-husband was having an affair with her mother. “I thought he loved me because of all the attention he would give me. But immediately I moved in with him trouble started. He beat me up on the first day demanding money and ATM cards. Whenever I had no money he would sell my phone and keep the money,” she told a trusted Kenyan news outlet Tuko in an exclusive interview. Martha said that whenever she would seek help from her mother, the mom would defend the man and say he would never do such a thing.



Source: TUKO.co.ke


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