Ido-Osun Youth Send Important Message To Osun State Govt, General Public


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The leadership of Ido-Osun under the aegis of Ido-Osun Youth Forum on Monday sent an important message to the Osun State Government and the general public.


Read the full statement below…..


Delivered by Ido-Osun Youth Forum on 17th October, 2022

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His Excellency Governor Gboyega Oyetola,
Kabiesi Olojudo Alayemore of Ido-Osun H.R.M Oba (Dr.) Aderemi Adedapo.

Gentlemen of the press,

We the above named forum wish to bring to the attention of the general public, business owners, occupant and all habitant that reside or carryout commercial activities in the following areas listed below.

1. Oke Ibukun Ido-Osun
2. Oke Mokin Ido-Osun
3. Oke Akanbi Ido-Osun
4. Onibueja Ido-Osun
5. Tiwadayo Estate Ido-Osun
6. Adeleke Estate Ido-Osun
7. Dada Estate Ido-Osun
8. Oluronsogbo Ido-Osun
9. Haleluyah Surulere Ido-Osun
10. Nike Gallery Ido-Osun
11. Gbotaru Ido-Osun
12. Neubatosh Ido-Osun
13. Kuse Ido-Osun
14. Aga Ido-Osun
15. Woru Ido-Osun
16. Alapupu Ido-Osun
17. Temidire Ido-Osun
18. NECO office area
19. Okini
20. Igbokiti
21. Ibikunle/ Hallelujah Estates
22. Aba Onimalu Ido-Osun
23. Bolorunduro Alapata Ido-Osun
24.Oke Sapo Ido-Osun
25.Woru Ido-Osun
26.Gaa Fulani Unity Estate Ido-Osun
27.Unity Community Ido-Osun
28.Olojo Ido-Osun
29.Oke Pure Water Ido-Osun
30.Oke Osun Ido-Osun
31.Aga phase 2 /Erinle,Oke Iganrin Gray Area Ido-Osun
32. Nasfat Ido-Osun
33. Oyeyemi (DadaEstate) Estate Ido-Osun
34. Oyewus(Prime Junction) New Town Ido-Osun
35. Surulere Oke-Sapo Ido-Osun
36. Ataoja Estate Ido-Osun
37. Bolanle Area Ido-Osun


That these said areas falls inside Ido-osun territory Osun state and should be address as such, we call on all government agency, private business owner or premises habitant who have their properties in the above stated areas to address it as IDO-OSUN, OSUN STATE.

Ido-Osun is an ancient town that has been in existence for 1300 centuries long before any of it’s neighbors. It is to be noted that there is clear difference between capital territory and capital city and does not fall or belong to any part of the capital city named Osogbo. We encourage visitors who reside in this area to please note that any form of non compliance will be frawned at and immediate legal action might be followed.

We advise all business owners and occupants in these areas who have at any point in time address their business address as Osogbo to immediately make all necessary corrections on their business area to bear Ido-Osun which is the host town.

Thanks for onward immediate compliance.


To all Baales and Asojuobas in Ido-Osun Kingdom, we call on you all to step up your games in ensuring your loyalty to our teritorial values is preserved and any form of Insorbordination should be immediately shelved. Those parading themselves as an autonomous town outside the Ido-Osun Alayemore Kingdom should immediately desist from this evil act or face the rot of the people, enough of hypocrisy, Our Kingdom only has the Alayemore as the sole King and Royal majesty of the kingdom, with due respect to all Highnesses of the kingdom, should hold their oats at heart and stop misleading the people calling themselves kings rather than Baales or Asojuobas that they are!!! OBA MEJI KO KI GBE ILU KAN, EEWÒ! ! So we are seeking that his majesty Oba Olojudo Alayemore help us work closely with the state government in returning our kingdom’s organogram back to the status quo in the interest of our unborn generation and preservation of our History! !.

Furthermore, We are calling the ministry of Local government and Chieftaincy affairs to please immediately help correct all anomalies in this regards. Let’s also use this medium to call out land grabbers in the Ido-Osun Alayemore Kingdom that the people of the kingdom will no longer be libra to accommodate your excesses as such those who have chosen to toe the lane of land grabbing using the government name in conivance with some career officers in the ministry of Land and physical planning should immediately desist from such act as no government serves as a land agent to any individual.

And for avoidance of doubt, all land legally acquired by the state or federal government in Ido-Osun Kingdom has been well protected in the last 90 years when the land of the Airport was acquired, till the ECN acquisition, to the Water Cooperation and even the uncompleted acquired trade zone. It should be noted that no land was acquired from us by government at the sawmill area of our Kingdom as that’s our heritage site and known as Igbo Oyiowo and serves as a communal land.

Any form of oppressive encroachment in the area of the town will be legally resisted and anyone caught will be made to face the law. It is criminal for individuals to sell our aquire land while the original owners are wallowing in abject poverty, acquisitions are project targeted and never for self engradisement and as such land grabbers and their colleagues in the ministry of Land should desist from this crime immediately.

*Continuous Encroachment Of MKO Abiola Airport, now Ido-Osun Aviation City in Ido-Osun Kingdom land by Ede People, A clear seal of Effrontery and Provocation to stir unnecessary Crisis. In further effort to avoid unnecessary inter communal clash we have again deem it fit to call on all appropriate authority as we did on 23rd February, 2022.


The continuous encroachment of Ido-Osun kingdom Territory by it’s neighbors especially Osogbo and Ede towns have been a long historic efforts to alienate their original hosts which is so sacrilegious in the ethics of Yoruba land. As a town we will continue to explore all diplomatic avenue to avoid any manner of deliberate provocation by these neighboring towns. Our accommodative history is too evident that no one could expect that this communities could turn out to bite the same finger that fed them.After the crisis that emanated between Ido-Osun and Ede recently which is still very fresh in our memory, we felt it will only be wise for the Ede people to be more concerned about peaceful coexistence and stick to the agreed compromised boundary. Ede have continued to encroach and claim falsely the Ido-Osun land that have never belonged to them. Also with the recent Air force project going on, they have reignited their provocative Advances which could turn out as another phase of violence if quick intervention is not considered.

Setting the record straight: there’s no community or village called Elemo village which have recently been named by Ede people, neither was their any of their king or stooge that transect there. Ido-Osun only gave some of this individuals the privilege of farming on Ido-Osun land and they go back to their town (Ede) after Farming.

Would it be right to actually say they are ingrate or its just a deliberate attempt to annex Ido-Osun.Firstly, most area named Elemo today is clearly Ido-Osun land known as Aga Iwaju. Our fathers allowed some families from Ede to come do their farming on this land which is just to further establish the accommodative and good tidings of our fathers and they pay royalty to Ido-Osun which is well documented.

They enjoyed this kind gestures that today they feel the best appreciation is to annex the said area to themselves even our heritage site “Oke Iganrin (Iganrin Hills) at Aga Iwaju now Aga phase 2” is not spared of their dramatic effrontery. They (Ede People) decided to erect a nomadic school inside the Airport land which was initially stopped during Airport job by the state government, admist the crisis that ensued, now that peace is gradually returning, the Ede people are again erecting signpost inside and around to Airport area to lay claims on this said Land. It should be noted that Ido-Osun gave land to the Fulani people habiting in the said area when they were evicted from the airport land and a Chief(Seriki Fulani) was appointed for them by the Ido-Osun kingdom Palace under his Majesty Oba Adedapo Aderemi the current Olojudo of Ido-Osun kingdom.

Furthermore, the same encroached area host Gray college , a secondary school that got her land from Ido-Osun, they are now expanding into an estate with kind gestures not knowing it’s a deliberate attempt to annex Ido-Osun by strategically occupying the land. The clear Boundary between Ido-Osun and Ede is the Erinle river which host the Water Cooperation at the other side, and also to note that Adeleke university Secondary school was carved out from the Airport land. As such this areas are clearly Ido-Osun. The Airport land and the ECN (Electricity Company Of Nigeria) land near the Erinle river were solely aquire from Ido-Osun and royalties were paid to the then Oba Ido-Osun. Ido-Osun is beautifully designed by Eledumare by bounding us with different Rivers, and we don’t think it’s a crime to share the same district (Osogbo District and Ede districts) at different intervals that have both have to struggle to annihilate Ido-Osun Kingdom.

But thank goodness that even the Kangaroo Supreme court judgement they always present as their weapon couldn’t seed Ido-Osun Kingdom to the tormentors but rather Offatedo which is still much well defined in size and dimension by the court.We want to strongly advise all active players of this evil machinations to please desist and give peace a chance, do not take our calmness and accommodating culture for granted anymore.We strongly warn the Elemo family and entire Ede people to vacate the area and allow peace to reign for ones.Enough of land grabbing attitudes as this was also the same venture towed in areas like Olorunsogo.We call the Osun state Governor, Deputy Governor, the Commissioner of Police, DSS, State /Federal boundary commission, Egbedore LCDA leadership and osun state government to kindly advice the Ede people to give peace a chance and stick to their jurisdictions. It should be noted that no singular entity have a monopoly of violence when defense becomes the only option.

Elemo do not and have never had land or village anything close to Ido-Osun. This Drama should stop and the actors should seek caution.We call on His Majesty the Timi of Ede to town the line of nobility and royalty by calling all his subjects to order and encourage more peaceful coexistence without bitterness or hatred, we had a long history of living together and this gesture should be positively appreciated and protected, we are better off as brothers and friends than foes.Ido-Osun age long accommodating tradition should not be taken for granted as we have always enjoined all to ensure peaceful coexistence between indigenes and Towns. Ede people and Ido-osun should never live like Cat and Rat, as such we call on Elites of the two Kingdoms to fine tune a better way forward and ensure that we have a better hopeful bright future together.

Signed✍🏽 *Prince (Comr.) Adeyeye Abass Adeyemi* _President_✍🏽 *Mr. (Comr.) Akano Kamorudeen* _General Secretary_✍🏽 *Comr. Adejumo Basheer* _P.R.O 1_✍🏽 *Comr. Oladipupo Abdul Rasheed T* _P.R.O II_


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