“If anything happens, she did it” DJ Akademiks alleges that Nicki Minaj has “put a hit” on him


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DJ Akademiks has raised alarm and he is accusing Nicki Minaj of putting out a “hit” on him.

Weeks ago, the 28-year-old YouTube star went on his Twitch channel to criticize Nicki’s newest single “Megatron”. He said the single was a flop and asked her to address why her album sales aren’t doing well. He also used discouraging words that are bound to frustrate any artiste.

Now, he’s back alleging that Nicki has sent him threatening messages via DM.

In a video shared online, DJ Akademiks read the conversation he and Nicki had in the DM.

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He said: “She asked me, ‘Are you in New York. I told her I’d be back in New York on Monday. Y’all wanna hear Nicki Minaj in my DMs today?… Nicki Minaj, in my opinion in this moment is unraveling. Check out this sh*t. She hits me today, about two hours ago.”

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He then divulged the content of their chat, saying: “Let me show you who Nicki really is. I’m reading it verbatim…

” ‘You been mad since I made a joke about you with Joe [Budden] on my show. The people you rep won’t be able to stop your jaw from gettin’ broken. I know too much about your family for you to be playin’ with me, you hoe ass. Where you at now?'”

Akademiks responded to her message, writing: “Your threat is received. We’ll see each other at some point. Take care, babe.”

While reading the chats, he holds his phone up to the camera so his viewers can see the DMs. He then continued reading.

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“I’m glad it’s received, rat,” Akademiks said Nicki wrote to him. “It won’t be the only thing that’s received.”

Akademiks called her “Gangster Maraj” and said she’s become more rough around the edges because she’s married to ex-convict Kenneth Petty. 

Akademiks also took to Twitter to warn people that if anything happens to him Nicki should be held responsible.

He wrote: “Nicki Minaj just put a hit on me… if anything happens… or I miss a meal… SHE DID IT.”

He added in a response to another Twitter user: “Broo…..Thats true.. no solo hit… but still… This aint no Joke…. Im the last real nigga here.. all these niggas get in line. I need life insurance…”

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Below is a video of Akademiks making the allegations.

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