The National Leader of the APC, Bola Adekunle Tinubu has claimed that if he loses the 2023 presidential seat, that the Igbo’s will suffer.

He made the statement during one of his campaign in Lagos. He urged the South West and South East people to support his ambition.

He said:

“I am the only person that can fix Nigeria properly; Igbo’s should forget their agitation for a Biafra nation and join me in fixing Nigeria to be a great nation. Igbo’s will suffer if I lose the presidential election come 2023.” He was quoted saying.

I don’t agree with Tinubu, whether politics or not, Igbo’s will always survive.

Igbo’s have been marginalized, taken out of politics, their business routes have been blocked and yet they are surviving.

What makes Tinubu think Igbo’s will ever suffer despite the humiliation?

Source: Deefiremedia

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