#EndSars: Raging Hoodlums Storm Church, Loot Food Items, Others


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In the early long periods of Tuesday, October 27, some hooligans have been gotten on tape plundering food things found in a congregation in Ogun State.

A congregation named “The Christian Fellowship Center” in Ifo neighborhood government region of Ogun State, has been scoured by hooligans after they found monstrous food things put away in the congregation.

A viral video currently making adjusts via online media caught second gangsters were trucking ceaselessly food things and different resources that were found in the congregation premises.

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As individuals were seen assembling and out of the congregation entrance, more people continued showing up the scene on cruisers to have their something reasonable of the plunder.

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Prior on Tuesday Hoodlums raged in the satellite town of Kubwa, outside Abuja, plundering the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Orientation Camp.

It was assembled that the gangsters started trucking endlessly beddings, bikes and other family units’ things.

The things are not accepted to be important for the Coalition Against Covid (CACOVID) staple that have been the objective of marauders cross country since the Lekki cost door shooting.

Military and police have cordoned off the territory and there have been shooting there. A military helicopter is floating around the zone.

Then, there is uneasiness in Kuje, one of the six region boards in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as punks are looking to plunder any distribution center with COVID-19 palliatives.

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They have been walking round the roads with sticks, hindering streets inside the Kuje municipality.

Occupants are running for security as dealers are additionally keeping their shops and moving out of the market to stay away from emergency.

Three individuals were charge to death on Monday when hooligans broke into the Gwagwalada COVID-19 distribution center and plundered staple and different resources there.

Security agents, the fighters and police are attempting to quiet the circumstance.


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