Independence Anniversary: Still Together At 61 — By Coco Bassey


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Independence Anniversary: Still Together At 61 — By Coco Bassey


The last one year in Nigeria has been very tough, dramatic and has made lasting foot prints on the historic tapestry of our existence as a country. The 1st October Independence Day celebration that crowned us 60, the Endsars protest, Lekki shootings and killings of innocent Nigerians, disbandment of SARS, Economic downturn, insecurity in different parts of the country, new variants of the covid-19 pandemic and a host of others. We have fared regardless.

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As students, we were sandwiched in all these regardless of where we were at the various times they occurred. As students, we were greatly affected, academic activities were threatened and we were left with no alternatives.

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In spite of these, we stood together, firm, united and hopeful. Our passion, enthusiasm and optimism for a better country continues to win over the marauding challenges we face. It’s really patriotic and nationalistic.

On this day of our independence, I urge us all to remain focused and resilient as we pursue our academics diligently and maintain a good character simultaneously.

Thank you!

_God bless Nigeria!_
_God bless The University of Calabar!!_
_God bless Malabo Republic!!!_

*Coco Bassey Esu*


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