Investigative Report: How President Buhari Denied Bayelsa Born AIG the Rightful Position of IGP


February 4th, 2021 Author: 99 percent OPPRESSED (WIKILEAKS) (Written two months ago)

Just in front of the cameras are we one Nigeria. Nigeria isn’t one of them because of that. I’ll never be one, and I’ll never be able to be one.
When Moses Jitoboh enlisted in the Nigerian Police Force in 1994, he never imagined that his IJAW heritage or Christian faith would prevent him from being appointed.

But, if the current events surrounding the naming of a new IGP are any indication, the Bayelsa-born AIG has been refused the chance to command the country’s police force. And though he is the best candidate for the position right now. Since he is Ijaw and Christian, this is the reason.

President Buhari signed the new Police Bill 2020 into law on September 16, 2020, with the aim of creating a more efficient and well-organized police force that is driven by the values of openness and accountability in its operations.

Section seven of the 2020 Police Act lays out how a new IGP can be appointed, as well as the qualifications, standards, and conditions that will apply. However, President Buhari, who signed the bill into law, is quick to dismiss it due to religious, racial, and nepotism concerns. He wants AIG Moses Jitoboh to be denied.

According to the 2020 Police Act, anyone seeking to be named IGP must first be chosen from among senior officers, not below the ranks of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG). 2. Must have a bachelor’s degree and management experience. 3. You must be under the age of 60.

4. A proven track record with the Nigerian Police Force is required. Most notably, to reach 35 years of service, you must have at least 4 years of service remaining. He or she will have to pass a background check before being considered for the role of IGP.

Only AIG Moses Jitoboh met all of the conditions for an appointment as IGP, based on the newly signed Police Bill 2020, out of the 6 DIGs and 24 AIGs we currently have in Nigeria. They, on the other hand, want to dismiss him.

He holds several degrees and is pursuing a PhD.
Jitoboh was the AIG in charge of Zone 8 police command and the Commissioner of Police for Adamawa State Command at the same time.
He was the Commissioner of Police, General Investigations (GI) at the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department (FCIID) Annex, Alagbon, Lagos, between 2018 and 2019.
Between 2010 and 2015, he served as ex-president Johnathan’s aide-de-camp (ADC) and Chief Personal Security Officer (CPSO).
Before being promoted to Kangaroo, he was AIG in charge of wider patrol.

Jitoboh is 50 years old, joined the Nigeria Police Force on the 10th of June 1994, and is set to retire on the 10th of June 2029, giving him nine more years of service. The new Police Bill 2020 requires double the statutory minimum service age for appointment as IGP.

None of the six DIGs who met the requirements for the IGP role were found in the files of other officers in the ranks as Jitoboh. Similarly, all twenty-three AIGs failed to meet the requisite requirements. They all have less than four years left on their contracts.

The powers that be (CABAL) were not pleased with the appointment of AIG Moses Jitoboh as the next IGP designate, which was made possible by President Muhammadu Buhari’s signing of the New Police Bill 2020. It didn’t sit well with the President, either. He can’t offer such a work to a southern Christian.

Based on President Buhari’s history of nepotism, they wanted a Muslim Northener to get the job, but their options were limited. The Police Bill 2020 has them hooked like a dog on a bone. So they devised a strategy to force AIG Moses Jitoboh out of the Nigeria Police Force. To slant the odds in favor of the north.

To begin with, they conspired with a fellow Southerner, DIG Michael Ogbizi of Cross River State, to retire early. To pave the way for Jitoboh to be released from the police system. According to the Peoples Gazette, DIG Ogbizi was promised the Chairmanship of the EFCC in exchange for this.

There was an opening for DIG promotion from the South-South Zone after his unexpected retirement. As a result, the CABAL quickly submitted the name of AIG Moses Jitoboh of Bayelsa state for the promotion through the IGP. And though Moses wasn’t the zone’s most senior AIG.

AIG is an insurance company. Austin Agbonlahor, a senior AIG to Moses Jitoboh from Edo State, was supposed to be elected DIG to replace Michael Ogbizi, but the CABAL, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, is hell-bent on removing Moses from the regime. They quickly announced his promotion and assigned him to the Department of Research and Planning as Ag DIG in charge. All of this occurred in the span of two months.

Moses Jitoboh is immediately eliminated from the selection process for the new IGP as a result of this hasty promotion.
Since IGPs have most likely been chosen from AIG ranks since 1999.

But the most vexing aspect of President Buhari and his cabal’s open nepotism is that, according to the 2020 Police Bill, only four of Nigeria’s eighty-nine Commissioners of Police have up to four years left in office, and all four are from the North.

One of the four Northern Commissioners of Police (CPs) could be appointed IGP by the president and his CABAL. As a result, they are attempting to retire as many DIGs and AIGs as possible in order to make room for Northerners to be elevated to the rank of AIG.

To make this a fact, the president has appointed an Acting Inspector General of Police (AIG), who will replace his senior officers, including Moses Jitoboh. They’ll get the opening they want when those DIGs retire and some are promoted to AIGs.

President Buhari will now nominate his anointed IGP as substantive IGP from the list of Northern Commissioners of Police who are now AIGs and have at least four years left in service.

That is how President Buhari’s government intends to put an end to Moses Jitoboh’s illustrious career.

Hafiz Inuwa from Jigawa (NW, retiring 2024); Dasuki Galandachi from Kano (NW, retiring 2025); Habu Sani Ahmadu from Sokoto (NW, retiring 2025); and Bala Ciroma from Yobe are among the CABAL’s preferred CPs for potential selection as substantive IGP (NE, retiring 2025).

President Buhari and his party of heartless CABALS are undermining the tenets of our democracy, and I call on fellow Nigerians to condemn this heinous act. I call on all sons and daughters of the Niger Delta to rise up and demand due process in the appointment of the next IGP.


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