Babatunde Raji Fashola, Nigeria Minister for Works advices the citizen over the usage of sanitizer as a prevention of Coronavirus.

Almost everyone has been using sanitizer to prevent coronavirus as instructed by the World Health Organization.

Shortly, the former Lagos State Governor and now the Minister of works and housing has been against the use of sanitizer as he disbelieves the optimist effect of it.

“I read it prevent bacteria not virus” he said in a conference meeting at Abuja.

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  1. So I guess now you all believe Fashola is smarter than the tons of experts at the World Health Organisation right? Smh

    As a doctor, I know for certain, the component in sanitisers which protects against all micro organisms including viruses is the alcohol component which must be at least 60% to be effective.

    Although, washing hands with soap is still regarded as most effective, hand sanitisers are also important especially in areas where access to soap or water is limited which is the case on many occasions.

    I am quite disappointed in Fashola using his influence to spread false information without making adequate research. It is also not the best to spread such news simply because they are influential because you end up confusing more ignorant people.

  2. So, do you recommend washing of hands to Nigerians, especially those who can’t afford to buy hand Sanitizers?


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