NDDC: Like Leaders, Like Followers; Who’ll Lead Us?


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It’s almost becoming impossible to call out our leaders for accountability and purposeful leadership in Nigeria, because we’re truly not different from them.

You hardly can find genuine protest that can melt mountains in Nigeria; all we have is staged/paid protests. As our leaders are after their pockets, so are the followers.

The civil society groups and the so called freedom fighters of the Niger Delta Region, who in time past, acted the role of watchdogs, has become lapdogs in the hands of politicians.

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The only time you see them fervently protest, is when there is a largesse from their masters. And not for the purpose of genuinely fighting for whatever cause they believed in. As such, they do not possess the moral wherewithal to interrogate the malfeasances of the Commission over the years.

That is why they’re busy foot-dragging and withholding their drums to hit the streets with protest, like sensible people would do, in the face of the on-going NDDC probe, which has so far revealed more than enough facts to propel or provoke a fierce/aggressive protest. It’s more so because they’re either culprits or accomplices in the show of shame.

If books are further opened, it will be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the so called freedom fighters has contributed to the woes of the region. If it was to bomb oil pipes on the pretext of fighting for their rights, they could’ve done so ASAP and make all the noise. As soon as they’re settled with dollars, they wax cold in their agitations.

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As we all know, a handful of these freedom fighters from the region are today billionaires under our collective wealth. And you think it’s a lie? I give you an example of them:

1. Asari Dokubo – I don’t want to go into his net worth, but am pretty sure he’s a billionaire. I was recently told he owns a university somewhere in Africa.

2. Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo – They call him Chief Tompolo, a business man, a politician and a Warri Billionaire.

3. Ayiri Emami – He is called High Chief Ayiri, a Warri Billionaire, a business mogul and a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

These are people who never worked anywhere, aside blowing-off oil pipes and holding people hostage; an adventure that has earned them prominence and Kings in their own domains, at the expense of the region they were purportedly fighting for.

To some of us who has pioneered or associated with some of these freedom fighting platforms, and, has claimed to love the region, I pass the ball over to us!

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This is the ample time to lay aside all acts of cowardice and pretentious gearings, to fight the real fight. The fight before us is the war of attrition for the soul of the Niger Delta, and not prayer and thanksgiving.

This is the time to hold the leadership of the Niger Delta to account for the years of maladministrations. This time around, it’s not to blast oil pipes or lay hostages on foreign Nationals, because we now know who our true enemies are; it’s the time to lay siege and keep vigil in the houses of our failed representatives, and blow-off or betterstill, seize the assets acquired through ill-means at the detriment of our collective good, if need be.

This is the time to mute the same-music-different-dancers dramatis personae, displaying before our very eyes. This is the time to dismantle the old structure and disband the assemblage of these double-faced and bloodthirsty demons in human clothings, and chart a new course for the region.

Enough is enough, we’ve endured and tolerated bad leadership for too long! We’ve spoken well and too much. It’s time for the real action. Otherwise, we’ll continue to be in for it, our children will be born and be in for it. And God will not spare us from the punishment for the actions we refused to take.

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On this premise, I hereby appeal that we append our signatures to this petition, irrespective of our creed or origin, because corruption anywhere is corruption everywhere, to protest against, and revisit past administrations of the NDDC, and demand for their scorecard over the years, beginning from:

1.Timi Ndutimi Alaibe – Fmr. MD, NDDC
2. Nsima Ekere, Fmr. MD, NDDC.
3. Nelson Brambaifa, Fmr. MD, NDDC.
4. Joi Nunieh, Fmr. MD, NDDC.
5. Keme Daniel Pondei, current MD, NDDC.
6. Godsday Orubebe – Fmr. Minister, Niger Delta Affairs.
7. Pastor Usani Uguru Usani, Fmr. Minister, Niger Delta Affairs.
8. God’swill Obot Akpabio, current Minister, Niger Delta Affairs.

We can only respect and excuse the pioneering Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Obong Ufot Ekaette of blessed memory. May his soul rest in peace.

Fellow Niger Deltans, it’s with heavy heart I announce to you that you find above, the real enemies of our commonwealth.

The time to take it back is now! But the question is, who’ll lead the front?

Kebesobase Is A Stickler For Rational Government. He Writes From Ilorin



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