I’ve Read The Entire Quran 6times, Islam Is a Religion Of Peace – Pastor Suleman Speaks


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The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries Worldwide, Pastor Johnson Suleman has expressed his opinion on the controversies regarding the Islam religion.

It is on record that many Christians and Christian bodies have labeled Islam a religion of violence because of the various insurgency and terrorist organizations originating from the many groups of Islam.

However, the Christian clergy man decided to tow a different path while speaking on the recent gruesome murder of 11 Christians by ISWAP few days ago. He expressed that Islam is a peaceful religion and as someone who has read the Quran over 6times, he is aware the Quran is against the killing of your fellowman.

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His words: “The Quran says whoever kills a soul has killed the entire mankind..ISWAP is evil and will get punished by God almighty..you behead 11 Christians?.Years ago,i read the Quran over 6times…No true Muslim will take lives..Islam is peace”.

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Suleman speaking via his Twitter handle.
The Christian Association of Nigeria and President Buhari had condemned the killings of those Christians in the most strongest terms


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